NFL Picks for Super Bowl Weekend – Free Betting Picks, Odds, Previews

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Betting Tips

The above table is for our NFL picks for each of the games. That is a little different than actual NFL BETS we would make. Below, we will put any bets and explanations we will have for a given NFL week.

Super Bowl: 0-1

Season Record: 167-122-10
ATS: 133-92-9
Total: 34-30-1

Week 1 Record: 9-5-1
Week 2 Record: 6-6-1
Week 3 Record: 9-8-1
Week 4 Record: 12-6-1
Week 5 Record: 10-8-0
Week 6 Record: 6-8-0
Week 7 Record: 10-10-1
Week 8 Record: 10-4-0
Week 9 Record: 9-7-0
Week 10 Record: 9-7-0
Week 11 Record: 9-7-1
Week 12 Record: 16-5-0
Week 13 Record: 13-7-0
Week 14 Record: 13-8
Week 15 Record: 10-9-2
Week 16 Record: 6-9-1
Week 17 Record: 7-3
Wildcard Weekend: 4-0
Divisional Weekend: 0-3-1
Conference Championship Weekend: 1-1
Super Bowl: 0-1

Rodney’s 2018 NFL Picks

Season Record: 53-49-1
Week 17 Record: 0-0
Week 16 Record: 0-0
Week 15 Record: 4-2-1
Week 14 Record: 4-3
Week 13 Record: 3-4
Week 12 Record: 3-4
Week 11 Record: 3-4
Week 10 Record:
Week 9 Record: 5-4-1
Week 8 Record
: 0-0
Week 7 Record: 0-1
Week 6 Record: 3-4
Week 5 Record:
Week 4 Record: 7-2
Week 3 Record:
Week 2 Record: 3-8
Week 1 Record: 4-4-2

Ryan’s 2018 NFL Bets

Season Record: 84-68-6

Tom’s 2018 NFL Picks

Super Bowl Preview

 The New England Patriots are the favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52. The Patriots and the Eagles were the top seeds in the AFC and NFC respectively. The Patriots downed the Titans and the Jaguars in the postseason, while the Eagles took care of the Falcons and the Vikings. This is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX when the Patriots took care of the Eagles 24-21. That was the second of a back to back for the Patriots then as well. The New England Patriots come into the game at -5.5 over the Eagles, with a total of 48 points.  Tom Brady is looking for is 6th Super Bowl title. The 40 year old quarterback may be without his top target, as tight end Rob Gronkowski has been suffering with a concussion throughout the week. Philadelphia comes in as the underdog, and this is the third straight game, despite being the top seed in the NFC. The Eagles are starting Nick Foles behind center in place of Carson Wentz. Foles was terrific in the NFC title game against the Vikings. We will have more information as the big game approaches! Best of luck with all your Super Bowl 52 Betting Picks!