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Where to Bet on NHL

Hockey is one of the smaller sports to bet on — but it still is fun if you are a fan of the NHL. There is some “edge” to be had if you understand and know hockey. Read more about Bookmaker and why it’s our favorite place to bet hockey.

NHL Power Rankings

2017 – 2018 Power Rankings as of Wednesday November 15, 2017:

1. Tampa Bay Lightning (14-2-2): It’s hard to get hotter than the Tampa Bay Lightung Nikita Kucherov may score 50 goals this season.

2. St. Louis Blues (13-5-1): Despite recent struggles, the Blues still have a 3 point lead in the Western Conference.

3. Los Angeles Kings (11-5-2): Jonathan Quick continues to play out of his mind between the pipes for Los Angeles.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins (10-7-3): The back to back champions are still really good.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs (12-7-0): Toronto is still a team that is scary to defend.

6. New Jersey Devils (11-4-2): Regardless if we believe or not, points in 13 out of 17 games is impressive.

7. Columbus Blue Jackets (11-7-1): Artemi Panarin was a great get for the Blue Jackets.

8. Winnipeg Jets (10-4-3): Looking like a possible Western Conference tontender early on.

9. Nashville Predators (10-5-2) — The Predators are the hottest team in the league right now with 5 straight wins.

10. Ottawa Senator (8-3-5): Ottawa has won two in a row, and have just 3 losses in regulation.

 11. Vegas Golden Knights (10-6-1): The real Vegas Golden Knights have stood up.

12. Washington Capitals (10-8-1): The Capitals have played much better hockey as of late. 

13. New York Islanders  (9-6-2): New York picked up an impressive road win in St. Louis on Saturday. 

14.  San Jose Sharks (10-6): San Jose has won back to back games, and seem to be trending upwards.

15. Calgary Flames (10-7-0): Big jump for Calgary after winning 2 in a row, and scoring 7 against the Blues.

16. Vancouver Canucks (9-7-2): Vancouver is coming off a big road win in Los Angeles.

17. New York Rangers (9-7-2): The Rangers have won six straight heading into their game in Chicago tonight.

18. Minnesota Wils (8-7-2):  The Wild have won three in a row.

19. Chicago Blackhawks (8-8-2): Not an ideal start for the Blackhawks.

20. Philadelphia Flyers (8-8-2): Philadelphia is coming off back to back losses, including a blanking in Minnesota.

21. Carolina Hurricanes (7-5-4): The Hurricanes are coming off a blowout win over Dallas.

22. Dallas Stars (9-8-1) — Dallas has dropped back to back games.

23. Anaheim Ducks (7-7-3) — The Ducks are coming off a home loss to Tampa Bay.

 24. Detroit Red Wings (8-8-2): .500 is about where the Red Wings belong.

25. Montreal Canadiens (8-9-2): Good news is – they are trending the correct direction.

26. Colorado Avalanche (8-7-1): We are starting to see more of the Avalanche like we thought they would be.

27. Edmonton Oilers (7-9-2): Maybe the blowout of Vegas will help get them back on track.

28. Boston Bruins (6-6-4): The Bruins are getting offensive production from two players. That’s about it.

29. Florida Panthers (6-9-2): Florida is playing some of the worst defense in the league.

30. Buffalo Sabres (5-9-4): The only question is – will Evander Kane be traded? That seems to be a trend with the Sabres.

31. Arizona Coyotes (2-15-3): It’s an historic pace of how bad the Coyotes are.

















































NHL Team Links for 2018

We have compiled NHL Team Links for every National Hockey League team. Game notes, team websites, press releases, message boards and more!

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How to Bet on Hockey

Betting the National Hockey League can be successful if you do some research and are willing to use proper bankroll management. If you already have some hockey knowledge this will become easier for you. Here are some tips to help you become successful with your NHL betting.

Use the Schedule Wisely

It would be fruitful to identify from a schedule those teams that play on consecutive day. Then notice if they are home or away. This will identify some factors that may prove a team has tired legs and whether they are sleeping in their own bed. Look at the schedule for games that start at different times. Unusual starts mess with players clock inside their body. That can be a concern.

The schedule will also tell you about teams that are on long road trips. Especially when the teams from the West go East and then the other way around. This also messes with the hockey player’s body. One thing that can drain a player’s body is when teams are playing a group of games such as 3 games in 4 days or 6 days. These are brutal.

Know the Goalie and Injury Situation

Every game has two goalies. Know who is starting for each team and determine of they have been reliable in their duties. Their save percentage is a statistics you should look at before placing your wager. Knowing the goalie is mostly important on the consecutive games or long stretches of games. Check the backup goalies just in case they get thrown in at the last moment.

Research is key. Check the injury lists, check out who is hot and who is not. Check out coaches habits for each team and check the lines to see if they fit your thoughts on the game.

Hockey Bet Types

MoneyLine: The moneyline is probably what most people use to bet. If the t. Louis Blues was playing the Chicago Blackhawks and the line was set Blackhawks -200 and Blues was +180 that tells you if you want to bet on the Hawks, a $200 wager is needed to win $100 and if it is a positive like the +180 then you bet $100 to win $180.

Totals: Totals are another way to bet hockey. It is the over/under for the contest. The oddsmaker may set the contest at 5.5 goals. The bettor decides if they believe the total goals in the game will be under 5 or over 5 goals. One thing to remember is that 45% of the games go over 5 goals, 25% are under and 30% are exactly at 5 goals.

Grand Salami: One other bet is usually called the Grand Salami and it is easy to play. The oddsmakers may say that in today’s games, there will be 55 goals and the bettor will take the over or under on that total.

Those are some of the ways that betting the NHL can be a winning proposition. Take time to look things over, study the schedules of the team and look for injuries and replacements that may cause a change in the way a team plays. Hockey is an interesting sport and very winnable to the betting public. Good Luck!

NHL Betting Tips

During the winter many bettors and most sportsbooks become obsessed with college basketball and NBA games. It appears very little attention is given to the NHL. This means that if you are paying attention to what is going on around the world of hockey, you can make a good amount of money betting it. Let’s examine how you can make money wagering the NHL.

There are several key components that should be followed closely before a wager is placed. They are:

Who is the goaltender? How have they been doing recently? Look at their save percentage to see if they are sharp or not. How has he done against this team in the past? It’s not a good sign if the goalie is allowing goals.

Check the offense. Is the team scoring goals? How many shots on goal do they get? A team that puts the puck near and/or in the net is a team to pay attention to.

Check the defense. Do they allow too many goals? It may not just be the goalie, it might be a porous defense. If a team uses more than one goalie, check out the difference in stats.

Rest. Have they been playing lots of games in a row or many in a short period of time? This is important for the players to be fresh and ready to play.

Does the team get penalized too much? If they tend to get many penalties you must now look at how good are the powerplays and what is their success in penalty kills.

Who is a good team at home? Which teams are winning on the road? Some teams are average on the road and some don’t appeared bothered by it.

How have they played lately? If a team has been hot, make sure it has been for an extended time and not just a game or two.

Check the injury report. Be sure some top performer is not dressing for the game before you make a play on the game.

Maybe not quite as important as the others but know the rules of the game. After all, how can you make a good solid bet on the game if you have very little clue as to what is going on.

RESEARCH- that is what all about the above tips are about. Don’t go the quick method if you want to make money on hockey betting.

NHL Resources

The following are a collection of resources dedicated to the NHL. These all could prove helpful in your quest to make money betting on the National Hockey League.

  • This is our collection of NHL Links, including links to the official team sites, media guides and injury reports.