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Let’s just call him “Mr. Sports”! Rodney does some pinch hit spots for ESPN Radio out of Peoria IL, and also hosts a Weekly Fantasy Football show on ESPN.  He also is one of the first people in the world to know about breaking sports news. If it happens — he’s on it! You will find Rodney heavily on our social media accounts and he will be a huge part of our Knup Sports podcast network.

Most times he’s like a sports encyclopedia and can rattle off stats, players and situations for nearly any match-up across all sports! Pair him with the rest of the team at Knup Sports and we have a dangerous, winning combination of talent to help you all make money!


If you are looking for the “betting and DFS” experience piece of the puzzle — Ryan has that. He has been winning money betting on sports for over a decade. Ryan has spent time doing deep analysis of the odds and how line movements work. He has won huge pickem contests, won major DFS tournaments and just succeeds making money on sports. Ryan also writes and manages a number of sports websites, giving him a vast array of knowledge across all sports. Ryan is the boss around here.

Tom of Knup SportsTom

Every team needs a guy that has the intangibles. He describes himself as the “third string quarterback” around here  That’s Tom! Tom delivers those tidbits that might go overlooked by the average joe, but could mean a lot when betting on a game. He will be a huge part of our blog, forum and social media presence. Tom doesn’t do a lot of “betting or playing DFS” personally — but he follows it like he does! He’s got the time so we are excited to have his help with Knup Sports! He is also on a genealogy mission in 2020.