Author: Moses Bosscher

AFC West Breakdown

The 2022-23 American Football Conference has been electric, creating one of the most competitive atmospheres the leagues have seen in a while. The AFC west has surely had its time in the news as one of the most interesting divisions.

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Rise of the Utah Jazz

As the 2022-23 NBA season kicks off, we have got a glimpse at what this season will look like. The only word to describe what fans have seen so far is unexpected. By far the most unexpected team has to be the Utah Jazz.

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NFC North Breakdown

The National Football Conference divisions are a mixed bag having some of the most dominant and worst teams to ever touch the field. One of the most heated divisions in the league that is known for its rivalries has to be the NFC north.

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Rise of the Atlanta Hawks

There are plenty of young teams on the rise in the NBA at the moment; only a select few have actually made the playoffs since forming. One team that stands above the rest has to be the Atlanta Hawks.

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Top 5 Greatest Quaterbacks to Play in the NFL

Since the beginning of the NFL one of the most important positions has been the quarterback. The position has only grown more important since the league has become more pass heavy. Only few quarterback have had what it takes to make there mark on the mount rushmore of quarterbacks.

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Upcoming Events

Knup Sports works with a number of event companies as “media partners” in the sports betting & iGaming industry. Below are a few of the upcoming events to take note of…

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