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2023 F1 Schedule: Azerbaijan to Miami in May, Why?

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The 2023 F1 Schedule is a bit of a mess. What were they thinking when putting the season’s schedule together this off season?

Taking a look at the F1 schedule for 2023, makes one wonder who is in charge. F1’s new owners are doing everything they can to try and expand the popularity of the sport where it needs it the most. Obviously the US market is a desired one for those who run the F1 show.


However, it seems that they are being extremely short-sighted in their planning. 




I’m going to start with this. 


Miami in May. Why? I live in South Florida, and anyone who does knows that May-October are not exactly prime-months to be at an outside event here. It’s hot. Miserable, in fact. 


Miami is even worse at this time of year. Its location is a swamp of misery. The F1 circuit is not on South Beach. It’s out in Miami Gardens. 


The reasoning is probably pretty simple. The primary use of the Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Landshark/Dolphins/Hard Rock Stadium is for the NFL. August through December it belongs to the Dolphins. The most reasonable date would be to open the F1 season with a massive party.


Miami is Not a “Summer” Event Destination.


F1 tried to market the Miami event in its inaugural year as a “Monaco for North America”. The event promised the “who’s who” of celebrities attending. While there were some celebs that showed up, the majority of the fans were left with sub-par and over-priced food and drink options. People of “wealth and influence” however, do not expect to sweat to enjoy their social events. 


What’s also “expected” is that during the month of May, South Florida is a sauna. The 2022 Miami Grand Prix featured temperatures in the 90°F range. With a large likelihood of thunderstorms in the afternoon at this time of year. Great idea.


The F1 Season Should Open in Miami.


A simple solution to this problem would be to host the Miami Grand Prix as the season-opening event. The weather in Miami is much more bearable in March as opposed to May. Giving Miami a marquee event would further draw more attendance and interest in the sport in the US.


Historically, the F1 season would open in Australia. In recent years, the Middle East has flexed their wealth to buy the two opening races of the season. 


F1 might want to take the temperature of the current world-stage, and see that their love of money from the Middle East, looks a lot like that of LIV Golf. 


The last problem with this scheduling for North America is that F1’s carbon-neutral pledge seems asinine. Three Trans-Atlantic trips to here hardly show any regard for F1 lowering their carbon-footprint.


The major booger here is Montreal. You can’t have that event there any time other than in the middle of the summer. March is still miserably cold there. Even by the time the next North American race happens, in late October, it’s too dicey. In order to make that work, the Canadian Grand Prix would have to take over the weekend of the Qatar race, the very first weekend in October. That’s not even a guarantee.


All in all, the schedule makers of F1 have to do better, especially if the US is hosting three events this year.


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