With Silverstone and the British Grand Prix a week away, it’s time to review and rank the performances of each team thus far this season. We’re not halfway through the 2022 season, however, with most teams having brought significant upgrades to their cars and nine races completed, there’s no better time to assess the season so far.

#10: Williams – 3 Points

2022 was supposed to signal a fresh start for every team on the grid. Certain teams started 2022 strong, while others stumbled initially, improving throughout the season. Williams remains at the back of the grid for 2022 and our bottom-ranked team.

Despite reliability struggles, Red Bull’s Alex Albon has been the bright spot for Williams in 2022. Nicholas Latifi is likely done as a Williams driver, potentially as soon as the 2022 summer break. If Williams had a driver like Latifi’s likely replacement, Alpine’s Oscar Piastri, in their 2022 car, it’s hard not to think that Williams might be further up the grid, and back toward fighting for regular World Championship points.

#9: Haas – 15 points

Haas’s 2022 season started with driver line-up and sponsorship changes, as Nikita Mazepin and Uralkali left Haas shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kevin Magnussen has been excellent in the Haas since returning on short notice. Magnussen jumped into a Haas that was strong from winter testing.

However, 2022 has been a struggle at times. Mick Schumacher has struggled to keep up with Magnussen and has cost the team financially with significant accidents. Schumacher missed the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix so that Haas could guarantee he’d be on track in Australia.

On top of Schumacher’s struggles, Haas has struggled with reliability. Much of Haas’s reliability concerns are centered around the Ferrari power units they use. Although, it is many reliability issues compounding, that have led to poor performances, landing Haas at the bottom of the grid. Frankly, Haas should be higher ranked on this list.

#8: Alpha Tauri – 27 points

From launch season, Alpha Tauri has appeared to have a very good race car. Once on track, they had good pace in the car. However, Alpha Tauri has been mired by reliability issues throughout the 2022 season. This has left Pierre Gasly with fewer points than his pace and form in the car should merit. Yuki Tsunoda has been better in 2022 at not creating as much damage as he had in 2021. Yet, reliability has set them back.

On certain days, both Alpha Tauri’s will make it to Q3. Yet, reliability issues find them near the back of the pack during Grand Prix. If Alpha Tauri was as reliable as they were in 2021, they would be significantly higher on this list and in both World Championships.

#7: Aston Martin – 16 points

Aston Martin would be lower on this list had they not introduced the “Green Red Bull” aerodynamic upgrades. The original 2022 Aston Martin was plagued by issues from the outset. Aston Martin’s early-season woes were compounded by Sebastian Vettel missing the first two races with Covid. Lance Stroll continues to be average at best most weekends, regardless of the upgrades.

However, since implementing the new upgrades, Aston Martin has moved closer to mid-field contention. As they learn more about their new aerodynamic package, Aston Martin will likely get stronger – a reason why they are ranked higher on this list than some may expect, or their points totals suggest.

#6: Alfa Romeo – 51 points

With Valtteri Bottas captaining the ship, and rookie Zhou Guanyu alongside, Alfa Romeo has quietly put together an excellent season. Reliability issues and certain car limitations have hurt Alfa Romeo throughout the year so far. Yet, Zhou is putting in better performances throughout the weekend, giving Alfa Romeo a second car fighting for points most weekends.

Alfa Romeo has made a significant step forward from 2021. The new car, new drivers, and pretty good and consistent results land Alfa Romeo at number 6 on our rankings.

#5: McLaren – 65 points

McLaren should be fighting with Ferrari at the front of the grid. After significant improvements, McLaren started losing steam after 2021 rival Ferrari introduced an engine upgrade, in 2021. Since then, McLaren has been the best of the rest, but the gap to the front has increased, rather than decrease.

McLaren has a fantastic driver line-up. They need more from their drivers to extract the potential from a limited car and maximize their points haul each weekend. Lando Norris is great most weekends. Daniel Ricciardo needs to keep improving if McLaren intended to stay the best of the rest

#4: Alpine – 57 points

Alpine are ranked higher on this list than their points appear to justify. Fernando Alonso has far fewer points than his form has warranted. Esteban Ocon is having a consistently average season.

However, it is on Alpine’s recent run of form, combined with Alonso’s unrewarded performances, that we are ranking Alpine this high. Consistently improving results have Alpine challenging McLaren for the title of best of the rest in 2022.

#3: Mercedes – 188 points

Mercedes has been a story unto themselves in 2022. Mercedes debuted the “zero” sidepods during the second round of preseason testing and have been dealing with the consequences of this development path since.

Porpoising, high-frequency bouncing, and tire warming issues have all hindered Mercedes’s competitiveness in 2022. George Russel is a major story of 2022, becoming Mr. Consistency, finishing every race in the top 5. Lewis Hamilton has had the worst possible car thrown at him throughout the 2022 season. Despite his struggles, Hamilton has landed on the podium, and will likely win a race in 2022. Hamilton and Russel’s potential in the second half of the year will entirely depend on Mercedes continuing to find remedies for the issues of their development path.

#2: Ferrari – 228 points

From the beginning of pre-season testing, Ferrari has been on it. Ferrari used increased aerodynamic testing type—earned from recent poor performances—to improve their car’s competitiveness significantly compared to 2020 and 2021. In Charles Leclerc’s hands, the Ferrari is the fastest car over one lap.

After the first three races of the season, it appeared as if Ferrari were the class of the grid, preparing to cruise to double World Championships. However, poor decision-making and reliability have derailed Leclerc’s Driver’s Championship aspirations and the team’s Constructors’ Championship hopes. For his part, Carlos Sainz needs to continue to make fewer mistakes and continue to inch closer to Leclerc’s pace for Ferrari’s charge toward both World Championships.

#1: Red Bull – 304 points

There can only be one. And then there was one. Red Bull has continued its momentum from its 2021 Championship challenges, in 2022. Reliability concerns, especially hydraulic issues, have plagued Red Bull at times, this season. However, Red Bull clearly has the best race car of 2022. And Max Verstappen isn’t entirely comfortable in the 2022 Red Bull yet.

Verstappen and Sergio Perez have been constantly excellent all season. Each driver has won a race and captured a pole position. Currently, Red Bull has a seemingly insurmountable and growing lead in both championships. If Red Bull can continue to make reliability improvements, it is hard to fathom anyone else winning a race in 2021, let alone competing against Red Bull for both championships.

Next Stop: Silverstone

Round 10 of the 2022 Formula 1 season is the British Grand Prix, from the legendary home of British motorsport, Silverstone. Will Verstappen, Perez, and Red Bull continue their dominance, or will the Mercedes duo have something special for their home race?

The British Grand Prix takes place from July 1st to July 3rd, 2022.