Bowlero Bowling Partners: Bowlero, the bowling franchise is partnering with BettorView, the sports betting company to present betting content at Bowlero locations.

BettorView will showcase customized sporting event stats and analyses, alongside special sports betting promotions and odds throughout Bowlero bowling centers. This includes all of its bars, lounges, and bowling lanes.

According to Jeffrey Gliner, VP of food and beverages at Bowlero, ”Bowlero is well known for its nationally recognized line-up of food and beverage and it’s a win for us to display our options dynamically through their platform.”

The new partnership started out the year catering to, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, enthusiasts during March Madness. In this way, they were able to reach many sports betting fans.

According to Lev Ekster, Chief Strategist at Bowlero, “Bolero is always looking for innovative opportunities to enhance the guest experience on and off the lanes and now we’re able to do just that in association with BettorView.

Our collaboration with BettorView is strategically aligned with the nation’s growing interest in sports betting and this new relationship is a perfect fit for our company.”

Also weighing in on the advantageous nature of the partnership is Javier Vargas, Chief Operating Officer of BettorView:

“Sports betting operators want to be where sports fans are, and what better place to localize reach and engage sports fans with customized betting content than at Bowlero’s centers and sports bars, where the most loyal and devoted fans come to have a good time.

BettoView will provide vital stats, analytics, odds, and promotions that educate the millions of curious betting sports fans who visit Bowlero centers.”

BettorView content will be available at Bowlero alleys in states where online betting is legal. More than 20% of Bowlero’s almost 300 locations are already based in those states. The company anticipates that the percentage will expand above 50% in 2022.

BettorView and Bowlero expect to promote numerous sportsbook brands that Bowlero has previously partnered with and expects to partner within Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

The success on this partnership is a “no-brainer” according to Seth Schorr, CEO of BettorView. “From my perspective as a gaming and venue operator, the synergy between gaming, bowling, and sports bars is clear in my experience, and extending that into what BettorView can provide Bowlero’s customers is a no-brainer.”

Bowlero caters to more than 28 million visitors annually. The corporation acquired the Professional Bowlers Association in 2019. Cheers to a successful partnership. It looks like sports betting is getting better every day.