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Super Bowl Sports Betting Stats

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Super Bowl LV Betting Results

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports betting days in the United States. A hyped matchup between two polarizing quarterbacks added more fire to the flames quickly spreading across the United States legal betting markets. 

Last week the AGA (American Gambling Association) released their findings from a survey conducted to track the betting trends for Super Bowl LV. The AGA found that a total of 23.2 million Americans planned on betting a total of $4.3 BILLION on the game this year.

Among the 23 million bettors, 7.6 million reported that they planned to bet with an online sportsbook, up 63% from year-to-year.

A trend since the early days of the pandemic lockdown continued, more and more bettors utilized online books to safely bet the game and track their bets. Let’s dive into some of the Super Bowl sports betting stats and compare them to what people anticipated.


Closing line at kickoff: Chiefs -3.5 (-110), Buccaneers +3.5 (-110)

Result: Buccaneers cover handedly

Prior to kick-off 60% of the placed point spread bets had the Chiefs to cover their -3.5 spread. Of all the money wagered on the point spread a whooping 67% was placed on the Chiefs. The public loves the Chiefs and betting on the favorite in NFL games. 

On the other side 40% of point spread bets were on the Buccaneers and only 33% of the money. The Sharps have been burned by Brady too many times to bet against him. Along with this they saw the underlying issues with the Chiefs. An offensive line that was decimated by injury as well as a DVOA that favored the Buccaneers on defense and offense. Those two critical pieces of information was enough to push the sharps onto the Bucs to cover the spread

The underdog in the last 20 Super Bowls has a big bite. Underdogs are now 14-6 against the spread 

The six favorites to cover the spread in the last 19 Super Bowls include:

  • Chiefs in Super Bowl 54
  • Patriots in Super Bowl 53
  • Patriots in Super Bowl 51
  • Packers in Super Bowl 45
  • Colts in Super Bowl 41
  • Steelers in Super Bowl 40


Closing line at Kickoff: Chiefs -160, Buccaneers +150

Result: Buccaneers cash in +150

What else needs to be said about Tom Brady? He is undeniably the greatest quarterback of all time. The trends for ML were split down the middle 50/50. This matchup had people flipping back and forth on who would win. 

This feels kind of like a no brainer stat, but the team that wins the game is 46-6-2 straight up. This trend follows that if you like the spread favorite to win, bet them against the spread. If you like the underdog to win, take the value of the ML.


Closing line: O/U 56 -110

Result: Under

Like with the point spread, the public loves betting the over. Who doesn’t want to see loads of points and entertainment? The under over numbers for the NFL this year were at about 50%. The beginning of the year surprised most fans.

With no training camp bettors anticipated sloppy tackling and lack of practice reps to mean higher scoring. This wasn’t the case as the totals split down the middle. 

It was no surprise that the Buccaneers were able to put up points. The Chiefs defense has been questionable at times this year and Tom Brady is surrounded with possibly the best offensive personnel of his career.

The surprising result that led to the under hitting was the lack of points the Chiefs put up. This was the first game that Patrick Mahomes led Chief’s team failed to score double digit points. The Chiefs were dropping passes left and right as their offense failed to generate a single touchdown.

Again, it’s not surprising to see 69% of the bets and 72% of the over/under money on the over. The public generally bets the over. They’re an optimistic bunch that doesn’t want to cheer against points/entertainment.

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