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Welcome to the Knup Sports Book Reviews! Reading sports books is somewhat of a passion for our team  Below, you will read a number of “small book reviews” for all the sports books they have read lately.  We don’t get paid at all for reading or reviewing these books. So, if you happen to buy any of these books or other sports books — use our SPORTS BOOKS LINK HERE so we earn a few cents for our efforts 🙂

Publishers, authors, editors — if you have a sports book you’d like for us to review — contact us as soon as possible to discuss.

Pitino: My Story

“Pitino: My Story” by Rick Pitino with Seth Kaufman   Rick Pitino has always been a love him or hate him type of personality. There was no one in the middle. In 2017, he was fired as the head coach of the Louisville Cardinals. Many felt it was the tip of the...

Let’s Play Two: The Life and Times of Ernie Banks

“Let’s Play Two: The Life and Times of Ernie Banks” By Doug Wilson This book covers a full gamut of the life of Ernie Banks. It is interesting to get a deeper understanding of his life in and around Dallas as a player and more importantly in a deeply racist city that...

“Lucky Bastard” by Joe Buck

Tom looks at another sports book. Joe Buck discusses what his life was like growing up as the son of Jack Buck and how it became difficult to carve out his own destiny.

“I Was There” by Eric Mirlis

Tom looks at another sports book. The book is about some of the great sportscasters and how they have seen some fantastic sporting events. We hear from Jim Nantz, Bob Costas and Joe Buck among others.

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