John Cook grew up in San Diego, California and began his coaching career as a football coach. During that time he was hooked up with volleyball on the beaches of Southern California where he developed some of his ideas. His first college experience came as an assistant at Nebraska and then he was selected as the head coach. In his first year, he won the national championship.

John Cook has led the University of Nebraska to the national championship four times since he got hired in 2000 as the head coach. It that same time frame he has been to seven NCAA semifinals and has the best winning percentage in NCAA college volleyball. In this book, he shares with us some of his thoughts, ideas, and secrets to coaching and leadership philosophies that led to his success.

He tells readers that he had to learn from experience and he accepted failure, but only if he could learn from it. He discusses some of the methods that contributed to his success and shares to aspiring volleyball coaches how to teach and learn the game and your players. He shares the tools he uses and quickly gives credit to those that helped him along this journey. He explains how the University of Nebraska and their volleyball fans are the greatest in the nation.

John Cook explains what a team is, and how to mold players into a team.

The book is a good challenge for any coach but if you are a volleyball coach, some of the nuggets in the book are valuable. This book is a must-get for coaches.


Thanks to the University of Nebraska for sending this book to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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