Kyrie Irving: Uncle Drew, Little Mountain, and Enigmatic NBA Superstar

  • By Martin Gitlin

This is an unauthorized biography of Kyrie Irving. I mention that because there are many gaps in the book along with some questionable opinions.The facts remain that Irving was a very successful Duke University player and a big part of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the fact that he plays the saxophone and directed a Pepsi Max commercial doesn’t elevate him to sainthood as the author would like you to believe.

He skimps on the life of Kyrie just under the surface which the readers will take a view that this book doesn’t really have facts about Irving. There is no evidence but the author alludes to the character of Kyrie as selfish and only cares about himself. That can be thrown out by his move to the Brooklyn Nets and joining Kevin Durant.

This book is a disappointment in all ways. Biography were meant to be authorized or they just become something the author believes to be true.

  • Publication Date October 1, 2019
    Pages: 224

The Author- Martin Gitlin is a veteran sportswriter who worked for seven years at CBS sports He is the author of more than 150 books