SPIRALS: A Family’s Education in Football

by Timothy B. Spears

To me, this book just allows the writer to tell the readers about his family. I am sure he is proud of it but there is very little substance that goes into this book minus the bragging parts. He goes through the lineage of what I am sure he is proud of but that didn’t translate into a wow of a book to read.

His grandfather became an All-American guard at Dartmouth and went on to coach at the University of Minnesota and became a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. It is at this point that conjecture enters into the book with a story that tells of the legend his grandfather discovered Bronko Nagurski who went on to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

His father was drafted by the Chicago Bears after playing his collegiate days at Yale. The author, Timothy B. Spears is a professor at Middlebury College after playing football at Yale. What he is attempting to do in this book is to provide a link between higher education and football among his family.


The book is an easy read of 145 pages but has no intrinsic value outside a close group of family and friend. It’s not a book that I would recommend to read.


Thanks to the University of Nebraska Press for a copy to review in exchange for a fair and honest book review.

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