The Book

Have you ever heard baseball announcers or taking heads say they are playing it by the book? The Book by Tom Tango, Michael Lichtman and Andrew Dolphin will give insight into those details. Also, the book is an extension of Bill James Baseball Abstract and goes further with understanding of the revolution the the game of baseball involving analytics into baseball. They analyze when a strategy is a good idea and when it’s a bad idea, and how to more closely watch the “inside” game of baseball

They outline in ‘The Book”numbers that involve risks and benefits of the intentional pass and the how sacrifices can hinder or help the outcome of a game. They talk about ho to properly understand pitching and hitting match-ups. Platooning and its success and failure option are touched on along with what is a clutch hitter and is it a real phenomenon. the lay out theories on fielding, hitting and baserunning.

If you want to keep up with the times and the numbers baseball people are throwing out at you.,then put “The Book” in your personal library. It’s a bit of a hard read for sabermetric newbies.




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