This is an entertaining and informative book that is written by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow. You don’t have to be a seasoned bettor to get have understand of this book. It is written wth the newbies an veterans and comes off as good reading for all groups.

The book is well thought out and very concise with great concepts that they draw from their years of knowledge. It has three sections in this 232 page book that was published in 2017.

The first section deals with the simple basics of how to bet on sports. They explain hos sportsbooks operate and then they move to the second part abd inform the reader of some of the pitfalls they can be on the watch out for them. It incapsulates the mistakes to avoid.

The final section builds on what you have learned from parts one and two and gives a layman guidance on how to put into practice what you have learned and how to be a successful bettor.

he authors could have gone on with another 200 pages but they limited the scope to keep the reader to some basic understanding. Each time you read it, something new jumps out or a new understanding becomes clearer than before.

This is a book that should be on your bookshelf if you are a casual bettor or one with advanced tendencies as it is at KnupSports. They go to great lengths to clarify each point and help you become a winning bettor.


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