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Celebrity boxing uproar

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With the rise of celebrity boxing in the boxing world, many people have recently complained about the rising stature of celebrities instead of actual boxers.

I Realized there is a trend in celebrity boxing as many notable influencers and YouTubers have taken to the sport of boxing to profit off their Fanbase. This is very much reminiscent of an old fox TV show titled “Celebrity boxing” where celebrities will face off in the boxing ring. This did not last long but it seems to have reincarnated through pay-per-view. An A-D list of celebrities have taken to boxing in recent months I’m wondering is it because of the influences of the Logan Brothers.

Paul Brothers

In 2018 a YouTuber by the name of Logan Paul for a British gamer by the name of KSI in an amateur boxing match. Due to both fighters having significant social media standing this fight created a lot of buzz and media attraction. Logan Paul continued his boxing career with an exhibition with one of boxing‘s greatest fighters Floyd Mayweather this fight was one of the most paper-viewed events in boxing as Floyd had retired and participated in an exhibition against Logan.

Floyd May the weather in Logan Paul for eight rounds at Hard rock Stadium in head over 1 million pay-per-view buys. Logan Paul‘s brother Jake Paul also participated in boxing events having a huge fight that caused a lot of social media buzz as Jake Paul took on Nate Robinson NBA legend.

This fight was highly promoted and all-over social media ending in an unexpected knockout by Jake Paul. Some NBA legends aren’t new to the celebrity boxing scene as Lamar Odom NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers has made a notable impact in the celebrity boxing community. Lamar Odom is currently to know his boxing career and has recently called out ‘fake Drake’ to set up another match on October 15th.

Celebrity Boxing Trend

I believe the trend of celebrity boxing is just beginning as many entrepreneurs are realizing how profitable these celebrity boxing events can be. With its social media presence, this new generation is exercising every aspect of their media platform. With the uproar of Youtubers and bloggers that record their every move, their fan bases will pay to watch them compete in a boxing ring with other like-minded social media titans.

Many conservatives of the boxing world may find the participation of celebrity boxing to be negative to the sport of boxing but there is no way to truly discontinue celebrity boxing this trend is guaranteed to continue if fighters want to keep fighting. The biggest takeaway from this is that all fighters must realize that boxing is a dangerous sport; without proper supervision or regulation, people can hurt themselves.

Regardless of celebrity boxing is on the rise, I believe this trend will continue to grow bigger and bigger as influencers take advantage of every possible financial benefit they can gain from their social media platform. With the participation in celebrity boxing of One of boxing’s greatest champs Floyd ‘money ’Mayweather maybe there’s a possible merger in the future between celebrity boxing and professional boxers where things can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

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