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Devin Haney wins victory against George Kambosos Jr.

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Devin Miles Haney has captured the attention of boxing fans worldwide.

Devin Miles Haney has captured the attention of boxing fans worldwide. Haney Is the undisputed boxing champion after victory against George Kambosos Jr. The 23-year-old boxing champ secured the undisputed lightweight championship this past Saturday, June 5 in Australia.

The fight was held in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Devin Haney won unanimously by judges’ decision and the official scorecard follows 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110. This was a test of stamina, as the fight went the distance and both fighters cleared all 12 rounds.

Haney didn’t allow George to be comfortable, not allowing him to get any clean shots in during their fight. Haney controlled the fight by using his reach and speed to his advantage. Distancing himself with jabs and not allowing George to get to the body, nor did he allow himself to slow down and get comfortable, Haney inevitably won the fight, with his close friends and family right by his side.

Devin stressed the importance of having Is his father at the fight. His father was able to fly in the night prior to the fight to watch his son. Short-staffed, a member of Haney’s medical support staff got held up at customs and was unable to enter the country. Even with those issues, Hanley was still able to win the match.

Haney’s early life

Haney was originally born in California and spent most of his childhood in Oakland. He started training to be a boxer at the age of 8. When he became a teenager, his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. When he was an amateur, he won 7 national titles. Haney was the youngest boxer to ever win the World Youth Boxing Championship in 2015, at the age of only 17. His record as an amateur was 138-8, then at the age of 17, he turned to a pro boxer.

Due to the age requirement laws in the United States, Haney’s first pro boxing matches were in Mexico.

Haney currently holds four title belts. He is still undefeated with a record now of 23-0. Hanley became the WBC lightweight champion in 2019 and on Saturday he became one of several other fighters who have claimed four boxing federation belts. The titles that Haney currently holds are: World Boxing Association Super World Light, World Boxing Council World Light, International Boxing Federation World Light, and World Boxing Organization World Light.

Melbourne Fans

High praise to the audience in attendance at the fight Saturday night against Haney and George both fighters commented in their post-conference interview after the fight that the Energy in the building was electric. Australia’s love for the sport of boxing was on full display Saturday night.

Prior to the match, there was a rematch clause in the contract against his opponent, Kambosos. After Hanley beat him, Kambosos officially demanded a rematch. Australia should see a rematch between these two in the very near future.

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