Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Devin Haney are the two best Lightweight fighters in the world. It’s only a matter of time until these two talented fighters meet in the ring. Both fighters have built a notable resume and taken social media and the boxing world by storm.

The publications for these fighters have done a good job at broadcasting their talents around the world. Haney being the younger fighter has amassed a record of 28-0 with the most recent fight being a victory against George Kambosos in Australia making him the undisputed lightweight champion. Haney has held other titles being WBC, WBA(super), IBF, and WBO.

Gervonta has risen to a new level of stardom as 25 out of his 27 fights have come by a way of knockout. Making has a record of 27-0 and has held multiple world championships. Gervonta Davis has been named the “Tank” by fans due to his aggressive knockouts and steel jaw. Being known to be able to take a punch. Davis’s previous fight was against Rolondo Romero on May 28th in the Barclays Center in New York. Tank won this fight by TKO in round 6 of 12

Fan Favorites

The fan’s suspense has built, and they have been asking the question of when these two boxing powerhouses are going to get in a ring together. In previous interviews, Devin Haney has come out and stated that he wants to fight Gervonta Davis. When Davis was asked about this, he stated that he was unaware of the fighting opportunity, and it was never brought to his attention. Stating that Devin Haney and his team are only causing rumors for attention. Haney was told about Gervonta’s comments, and he said it was put out there, but Gervonta never showed interest.

War Path

Both Davis and Haney aspire to ultimate greatness, and both men appear to have all the necessary tools to achieve it. However, for these two young fighters, the shortest path to greatness may be a war with each other.

Gervonta Davis weighs in at about 134.5lbs and stands at a height of 5’5. The short we frame doesn’t stop the insane power behind his punches with a KO percentage of 92.59%. Devin Haney weighs in at 135lbs and has a height of 5’8. Both fighters are extremely talented and skilled. Haney beat Davis in height, weight, and reach as Haney has a reach of 71” in and Davis has a reach of only 67” in. On paper, Haney is the bigger fighter. I’m unable to see Gervonta Davis as an underdog in this fight. Even though Davis is smaller his ability to end a fight in one hit is deadly. Personally, if these two fighters fought, I believe it would be a great fight.

I do believe Devin Haney is the more skilled boxer, but the explosive power of Gervonta “Tank” Davis is unstoppable. If these two titans of the sport fight I believe Gervonta will end out on top. After Davis Handled Romero and all his previous bouts, I believe that Devin Haney won’t be able to defend against those heavy punches and fall to Davis.