It did not take long for Tyron Woodley to move on from the UFC. The former welterweight champion, who has lost his last four fights, is looking to end the smack talk from Paul. Paul vs Woodley is on!

After Paul took care of Ben Askren, who was a former UFC fighter and friend to Woodley, the seed was planted per se on the arrival of this fight. Both managers were at that fight and discussed that they needed a tougher opponent for Paul.

The fight is set for August 28 on Showtime. The location of the event will be revealed later once the card is finally completed.

Fight Details

Paul looks to make his professional boxing career to 4-0 with a win over Woodley. Of course, Woodley looks to make his professional boxing debut and to get back on a winning track after his recent performances in the UFC.

There were a series of intense negotiations before this fight was agreed upon. Woodley is expected to make a seven-figure paycheck, before ever stepping into the ring and Paul is set to take even more.

Paul’s manager has also made another clause to the contract that would allow a rematch. If Woodley wins, then Paul could ask for a rematch if he desires.
Paul vs Woodley date has been set
A clause like this shows how serious they believe this fight to be. As such, it is also arguably the most competitive matchup he has had so far. Even Dana White commented on the clash.

Woodley and Paul Have Words

Paul started the talk, which is something he is good at, to make this fight already interesting. He recently posted a meme on Twitter referencing dumb and dumber, with the faces of Woodley and Askren.

He has also stated that a Disney star (himself) is going to beat up a former UFC champion. Claims this bold are subject to a return, so Woodley did not hesitate.

The former champ came back with a tweet stating that he would take his head completely off his body. In addition, catching his soul.

Woodley’s comments were somewhat terrifying, but nothing too insane for trash talk. Fans already want this fight now, so August appears to be a long way away.

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Realistic Expectations

With three months left to prepare for this fight, these two will have some space to prepare. Paul is arguably in better boxing shape, but Woodley is in better athletic shape.

Paul has faced a few boxers that were not that great, but Askren was supposed to beat him. Whether it was a lack of preparation or not enough to get the job done, Askren was ultimately knocked out.

Woodley aims to get revenge and to knock out Paul. As the fight moves closer, you could see a more energized Woodley who has a lot to offer in this fight.

Not only will he receive a great payday, but the former champ wants to close out his fighting career with some momentum.

A win here will not define his career, but it could help stop the bleeding of the negativity that has transpired for his four straight losses.