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Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

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Jake Paul is an American professional boxer who began his start through social media platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and TikTok. Check out a rundown of his boxing career here.

Jake Paul is an American professional boxer who began his start through social media platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and TikTok. Jake Paul is currently ranked 676th in the world but continuously grabs the attention of the media and the fans despite his low rank. Controversy follows Jake as people believe the influencer is just pretending to be a boxer and doesn’t respect the sport. Paul currently holds a record of 5-0 and 4 coming by way of TKO.

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The 2020 Debut of Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s career begin in 2020 as he fought against Youtuber AnEsonGib, where he TKO’d Gib in the 1st round. The next fight was more of a public showing as Jake Paul was set to fight Nate Robinson a Previous NBA Player who has retired from the sport. This fight proved to be a success for Jake Paul as he knocked out the previous slam dunk champion Nate Robinson in the second round.

This fight went viral as Paul, not Nate Robinson, creating memes spreading throughout the Internet. This fight took place on the undercard of Mike Tyson‘s comeback debut and Paul begin rising to stardom in the box for the community.

Paul’s next fight was against Ben Askren who is a former MMA fighter. Jake Paul mas Quick business of Askren as he knocked him out in the first round. Many people didn’t respect the legitimacy of Jake Paul’s boxing career but after his third fight, I realize that Paul has skills and a chance of becoming a talented fighter in the sport.

This recognition didn’t go unnoticed as Jake faced his biggest challenge yet as he was prepared to take on Tyron Woodley and his fourth fight and his boxing career. This would seem to be Jake Paul’s largest fight as Tyron is a former UFC Martial artist and a former welterweight champion. This seems to be Jake Paul‘s biggest fight yet as he was able to win this fight through a split decision against Woodley.

$40 Million

It is estimated that Paul has made roughly $40 million through his endeavors in the sport of boxing. A lot of people believe that Paul is only interested in the money aspect of the sport rather than the actual love of the game. Despite his reasoning for fighting, he is still winning the fights and the money is just a repercussion of winning. Paul has done a great job at widely promoting his boxing fights and using his platforms to increase financial situations.

Paul’s next fight is against Tommy Fury, the brother of Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion. This fight is set to take place on August 6 in Madison Square Garden and I believe it will be Jake Paul‘s toughest fight yet. My prediction is that the fans will witness the talents of Jake Paul as he defeats Tommy Fury and they will finally end the controversy of his skills and believe in him as a professional boxer.

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