This past Sunday Floyd Mayweather was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Mayweather was filled with emotions, as tears poured out as he approached the stage. Floyd was very thankful and appreciative of this achievement and showed gratitude to his friends and family who attended the event.

Champs Hardships

Floyd has faced a lot of hardships throughout his career. Never let these hardships destroy him as a fighter. Floyd overcame losing his grandmother, his cut man, as well as the mother of his 3 children Josie. All of these passing happened in a relatively short amount of time.

Realizing why Floyd was so emotional was probably because many people played a vital role in his career leading him to the hall of fame. Whether the people have passed away or are still alive he knows that they are proud of him and his achievements. Floyd worked extremely hard to be where he is today, outworking his comparators and ending with a 50-0 record with 27 knockouts.

Floyd has dedicated his life to the sport of boxing and is admitted to giving back to the community. Floyd believes that the ultimate goal is to give back to the community and sport that’s given him so much. Floyd said he is a family man, and the ultimate goal is to give back to the sport of boxing. He encourages the younger generation of the sport to keep the sport alive and to create more future Hall of Famers after him

Greatest of all time

It’s up for debate on whether Floyd is the greatest boxer in history. Being added to the Boxing Hall of fame is a credit to the hours spent working on his craft and honing his skills. It must be an overwhelming feeling to be recognized for all of your hard work.

Whether you’re a fan of Mayweather is up to you, but you must respect his athletic career. Since the 90s he’s put on a display of boxing excellence. In terms of career, health, and finances Floyd had produced a filled resume so excellent it was inducted to the hall of fame Floyd is known for doing it his way and creating a path for himself and others that previously wasn’t there.

Floyd is noted to be one of the best defensive boxers in history, his tactical fighting style revolutionized the sport of boxing, never being put down in 50 fights.

Many people who currently know Floyd only know him for his know brand, The money team. People are unaware of the hard work and perseverance it takes to accumulate the following and wealth Floyd has.

A legacy built on hard work and professionalism is one built to last. In a sport where people pay money to watch you lose Floyd has made a career on proving doubters wrong and consistently making the right decision. I’m glad Floyd earned his flowers Sunday night and I can give nothing but praise to the boxing legend.