Miguel Garcia, the American boxing legend, has just retired. The California native, best known as Mikey Garcia has helped multiple world championships in several different weight classes. This boxing legend has built quite the legacy to be only 34 years old. Despite Mikey Garcia‘s young age, he was able to build an impressive record of 42 wins and 2 losses.

World Champion Boxer

Garcia is a 4-division world champion earning belts in multiple weight classes. Mikey has earned a belt in the featherweight division, Super featherweight lightweight, and super lightweight divisions. Garcia has held the lineal junior welterweight title, the WBO and Ring Magazine featherweight titles, the WBO junior lightweight title, and the WBC and IBF lightweight title. Mikey Garcia has carried himself with poise in class throughout his entire boxing career.

Garcia has trained and gained his fighting prowess from trainer Robert Garcia who is widely known as one of the best trainers in the sport. Robert Garcia won his first title in 1998 and successfully defended it twice, Losing to Diego Corrales. Retiring at the young age of 26 and finished with a record of 34-3, and 25 of those were knockouts. Now trains the futures of the sport at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy.

Robert Garcia’s Goals

Robert said “ my goal is to have all my photos taken care of for the rest of their lives and all my fighters in my gym taking care of seeing their happy faces after the win that’s my goal just to keep my family friends and team happy” I know everyone reading this can empathize with this boxing legend, wanting nothing but happiness and success for his fighters. It is normal for boxes to retire at a young age due to the high health risk that boxing can cause to their body. Robert has continued his fight to give back to the sport.

I wish I could say Mikey Garcia retired on a high note, but he lost his previous fight to Sandor Martin a welterweight who is 38 into with 13 kos. Sandor Martin was the underdog coming into this fight facing veteran Garcia. Sandor was 27 At the time of the fight and stood around 5’7 144lbs. Marin shocked the world by upsetting Garcia winning in the scores 97-93, 97-93, and 95-95. Martin struck Garcia with left jabs connecting and winning in the books all fight. This final loss for Garcia does not take away from his legacy and what he has done for the sport of boxing

Legend of the Sport

Mikey Garcia has a record of 40-2 like I stated earlier of those 40 wins 30 were using knockout. Achieving accomplishments and setting wreckers that have yet to be broken to this day Mikey Garcia should be renowned as one of the best boxers in boxing history. After 16 years of his professional boxing career, he’s finally calling it quits and hanging up the gloves Garcia should be remembered with the greats of the boxing sport like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. His contributions will never be forgotten.