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All 2022 CFL Uniforms Ranked

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The 2022 CFL season has begun. Read this article to see the CFL uniforms ranked from worst to best.

With the 2022 CFL season in full swing many fans are noticing the changes to the CFL uniforms New Era has made since 2019. Some teams still have kept their classics and some have revamped for the future.

In this article we will look at each CFL team’s 2022 uniforms and rank them from worst to best.

9. Montreal Alouettes

The Alouettes made a major switch in uniforms when the CFL partnered with New Era in 2019. The old uniforms used to have a lot of gray in them, basically the same colors as the New England Patriots.

Their new uniforms just aren’t as good as the old gray ones. The new ones are navy all over with a red stripe over both shoulders. Personally the logo was downgraded from a cool bird to just a fancy M.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Roughriders also made a change when the league partnered with New Era, and it was not a good change. The Roughriders colors are green and white. Their NFL uniform comparison would be the New York Jets uniforms from 1998-2018.

These uniforms are ok but personally, the white stripe on the lower shoulder area just doesn’t cut it. The S logo in my humble opinion is one of the worst in the league and doesn’t stack up with the other logos ahead on this list.

7. Ottawa Redblacks

The Redblacks have pretty much had the same uniforms since they entered the league in 2010. While the logo is cool the uniform just isn’t up to snuff anymore with the red stripes coming to a point in the chest area of the jersey.

The Redblacks NFL comparison would be the Atlanta Falcons uniforms from 2003-2019.

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

There is no problem with the Blue Bombers home and away unforms they are alright. There is a problem with the ugly alternate uniform they released just this year. The uniform has a big W in the middle of the jersey and the numbers are on the upper left side of the jersey.

The Blue Bombers NFL comparison is a weird one but they just remind me of the current Detroit Lions uniforms. The way they both have at least one letter inside a stripe going around the shoulder of the jersey. The Lions jersey just spells out Lions and the Blue Bombers have a big W on the side.

5. Calgary Stampeders

Like the Blue Bombers the Stampeders have recently released a new uniform as the new home uniform. The jersey is red with white stripes and a vintage logo on the sides of the shoulder. While these are not my favorite, I am a fan of the all black uniforms.

The stampeders NFL uniform comparison would be the Arizona Cardinals current uniforms because they roughly have the same color scheme.

4. Toronto Argonauts

The Argonauts uniforms had a facelift and gone are the stripes on the side and gone is the big A on the helmet. This might be the coolest CFL logo with the ship that also looks like a football. The Argonauts color scheme might be my favorite throughout the CFL.

The colors are navy, white and a darker powder blue. The NFL comparison for the Argos is the Tennessee Titans because of the same colors.

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Another cool logo team, the Tiger-Cats saw a minor uniform tweak but nothing major. The Ticats classic stripes on the shoulders are still there and the yellow helmet stripe has made a return.

The NFL comparison is the Pittsburgh Steelers because of the color scheme and helmet stripe.

2. Edmonton Elks

I am a big fan of the antlers on the side of the helmet and the green and yellow stripes of the jersey are a very nice subtle touch.There are two NFL comparisons for the Elks one is for the color scheme and that is the Green Bay Packers. The other is for the antlers on the helmet and those remind me of the LA Rams.

1. BC Lions

The Lions have my favorite CFL color scheme with orange and black. The uniform is a classic and not much can be said about it. The logo is also a classic with the Lion head over the letters BC.

The NFL comparison is the Cincinnati Bengals because both are big cat team and both have the same colors.

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