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The ACC is The Best Conference in College Basketball

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Division 1 basketball is comprised of 32 conferences and among those 32 the ACC reigns supreme.

Division 1 basketball is comprised of 32 conferences and among those 32 the ACC reigns supreme. The Atlantic Coast conference in my opinion is the best league because they recruit the most skilled athletes around the country as well as abroad.

The ACC has the most historic teams in NCAA basketball. Teams such as Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia. These programs are three of the most respected programs in history and they are located in the ACC.

ACC Produce High-level Athletes

The talent that comes out of these schools is unmatched. Programs like Duke with 21 currently active players in the NBA right now, and North Carolina with 12, and upward of 75 players from both programs who are retired from the NBA.

It’s no doubt that these programs have mastered the skill of player development. Players such as Kyrie Irving and Zion Willison from Duke University, are prime examples of this. Kyrie Irving won an NBA championship in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers in one of the most exciting finals series in NBA history and is noted to be one of the best ball handlers in history.

Duke University is where kyrie gained his confidence as a player and formed into one of the greatest point guards in history. Zion Williamson had arguably just as much hype coming out of high school than future Hall of Famer Lebron James.

The way Duke handled his collegiate career was professional and allowed him to play his best basketball and make a smooth transition into the NBA aside from injury. These two examples can be used as a reference to how well the ACC handles high-level talent and their development of them into franchise players.

ACC insight

Some may say my opinion is biased because I am an alum of the University of Miami, but I believe I have insight into the ACC which is why I understand it is the best conference in the NCAA.

This past season the ACC produced five teams into the March Madness tournament and of those five teams, three made it past the Sweet 16. In College basketball many conferences have made a name for themselves the ACC is known for its skilled and higher-level players while the Big 10 is known for the physicality and their notable Bigs.

It is this talent that has catapulted the ACC to the best conference. Growing up as a kid all you heard people talking about was playing for high-level schools like Duke and Syracuse and this standard continues today.

The argument will continue to remain as it is up to debate on whether you believe the conference you represent is the best, as the culture of NCAA basketball runs deep in many fans’ hearts. Considering the ACC didn’t win the March Madness tournament this year it’s hard to stack claim as being the best conference.

To that statement, I say congrats to the winners of the NCAA March madness tournament the Kansas Jayhawks, but I believe that the ACC will come on top soon in the near future.

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