The sport of basketball has given many young athletes the opportunity for a good education and some professional careers. As a parent, you may be wondering what it takes for your son or daughter to be eligible to play division one sports.

No pro scout can evaluate a fourth-grader and determine him to be a potential future draft pick when he is of age. Unless the kid is oversized for their age, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. But there are some things that parents can do to be proactive in their child’s future. I believe the best way to place your child in the position to be seen by many college coaches is to get your kid involved in AAU.


The amateur athletic union is an organization that hosts young athletes and creates a platform where they can demonstrate their talents. Once registered with AAU, then you find a team where you can play on either a Nike circuit or an under-armor circuit throughout the summer. These tournaments are where kids are evaluated, and their skills are assessed.

In this day and age, it’s so important for young athletes to build their platform early, as a lot of players’ value is based on their potential. Creating a following for young athletes, in my opinion, is an essential step in securing a scholarship.

I’ve played basketball for the University of Miami and made it to the elite 8 in my last season. I’m constantly asked what it takes to make it to a high-level collegiate program. Like I stated earlier, the chances are slim unless you’re oversized at a young age. That was me, I was the 6’7 8th grader. I eventually grew to be 7ft tall and was recruited to a good university. Even with size being on my side, I still participated in many AAU tournaments and went to many camps during the summers.

Social Platform

In reality, it’s not practical to participate in every tournament and camp to showcase your kid’s talents, especially from a financial standpoint. That’s why my advice for building a platform for young athletes is so useful, it reduces the need to travel all over the country to participate in all the camps and games. Using social media to your advantage is likely to work for your benefit.

Athletes have the potential to gain millions of followers on social media purely off on their basketball prowess. Players like Mikey Williams are prime examples of this. Mikey has amassed 3.6 million followers on Instagram. Today, there is a correlation between your social media following and your bank account. There’s no full-proof blueprint for receiving a scholarship to play basketball. Besides hard work and determination, I provided what I believe are the best ways to be proactive and set up young athletes for the best future success. If young athletes can maximize their exposure, it’s no doubt that their talents will be seen. These are the keys to ensuring a positive future for young athletes.