The first two rounds of March Madness may have delivered some of the best of College Basketball we’ve ever witnessed. Seeing Purdue as one seed lose to 16 seed Farliegh Dickinson is among one of the greatest upsets in history. Being able to witness 2 seed Arizona fall to Princeton was an absolute thriller.

With many of the projected top teams exiting early, who are the best teams remaining in March Madness?


The Bruins have been taking care of business so far. After a close game with Northwestern, UCLA will take on Gonzaga in what should be one of the best matchups of this round. UCLA has been super efficient so far, and if they can beat this Gonzaga team, this will push them as an even higher favorite in March Madness.

UCLA has been my favorite team to win it all this year and they do look like the best starting lineup in this tournament.


Alabama has really emerged as a top program this year in College Basketball. This might be the best team they’ve had in program history. Bama has been controlling their games pretty well so far. Both wins have been by 20+ points and show that this team is a force to be reckoned with.

After forcefully beating Maryland, Alabama will take on San Diego State on Friday evening. San Diego State could make a better difference than their past opponents so far, but I do believe Alabama is a much stronger side.

Alabama might have an easier side of the bracket because Arizona is eliminated.


The Cougars have been rolling so far this tournament and looked impressive after beating Auburn 81-64. Houston’s Marcus Sasser was dealing with an injury prior to the tournament but has been picking things up. After scoring only 5 points in the first tournament game against Northern Kentucky, Sasser ended up scoring 22 in the game against Auburn.

Houston will have the biggest challenge though this Friday against the Miami Hurricanes. The Canes looked super impressive against Indiana and should pose a threat in this one. I do expect this game to be a close one but Houston might be able to close this one out.


The Longhorns have been looking good so far this March. After beating Colgate in the first game by 20, Texas went on to beat Penn State in a close game. Senior forward Dylan Disu led the way for the Longhorns with 28 points and 10 rebounds.

Texas will have a tight matchup against a 3 seed Xavier. This is another game that should come close. Texas has been one of the most efficient teams this season and I can see this team going farther each round.