Unfortunately, it’s part of the job. A famous quote by a head coach: “You get hired to get fired”. Every year, a slew of college basketball coaches are fired, and, of course a good majority of them find their way back with a new job. Here is a look at a list of potential college basketball coaches looking for a new job:

John Groce, Illinois

This one is going to happen. The Fighting Illini are 14-12, and 13th in the Big Ten. Illinois was swept this season by Penn State in Big Ten play. Groce started hot at Illinois, with 23 wins, but just 20, 19 and 15 wins since then, and the 2017 version lost to Winthrop at home, and were blown out in games to Florida State and West Virginia. Groce had a good run before coming to Illinois, but going to have to find new employment come March.

Kim Anderson, Missouri

You want to talk about dumpster fire? That’s the way the Missouri Basketball program is playing. They did pick up two conference wins in three games, but overall, they are going to struggled to 10 wins this season. This will be the third straight season of not making the tournament, and early season losses to teams like North Carolina Central make it easy to fire Anderson,

John Thompson III, Georgetown

Will the Hoyas actually pull the trigger on this? If not, they are making a mistake. Sure, Thompson has served 13 seasons as the head coach, but his teams are not improving. Georgetown is going to miss the tournament again this season, with a 14-12 overall record and 5-8 in conference play. This will be the third straight season without tournament play. Blowout losses in November to Wisconsin and Oklahoma State did not help the cause. Losses are one thing, blowout defeats are unacceptable for Georgetown.

Jim Christian of Boston College may be looking for a new job come the end of 2017.

Jim Christian of Boston College may be looking for a new job come the end of 2017.

Jim Christian, Boston College

Grass is not always greener on the other side. Jim Christian left Ohio University for Boston College in 2014. Winning just 20 games in his first two seasons, this was a big year for the Eagles to bounce back. Boston College currently is 9-17 on the season, and 2-11 in conference play. The Eagles have lost 9 straight games. Sure, the ACC is tough, but lack of competitive is never good for keeping a coach.

Ernie Kent, Washington State

Things have not worked out real well in Pullman for Kent. Kent took the program over in 2014, and won just 22 games the first two seasons. The Cougars won just one Pac-12 game last season. While they have improved to 4 wins this season, and left the laughing stock to Washington and Oregon State, it’s time for the Cougars to move on. A non conference loss to New Orleans by 16 started the “Kent Must Go” campaign.