Elevated Court vs. Top-Notch Academics: Who Wins? The answer may surprise you!

It’s believed that the better college you attend, the better you are set up for your professional career. This is probably a true statement because of the contacts that you make at a top-notch academic institution (At least that’s what my mother thought).

I started my college career at Lafayette in Easton, PA, the 38th ranked liberal arts school in the country.

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I was a Leopard for a couple of years before transferring to the University of Connecticut. UConn is a great public school, and the top students could compete with Lafayette any day of the week. However, it’s a lot harder to be accepted to Lafayette.

Does this mean the kids at Lafayette have more common sense than the ones at UConn? HELL TO THE NO.

Based on my experience at both places, the common sense was higher at UConn. So, why am I starting this blog with my background?

Here’s why…

On Friday night, Villanova University hosted their Hoops Mania night at Finneran Pavilion. Hoops Mania is the annual tipoff event where the school introduces its men’s and women’s basketball teams to generate excitement on campus.

Elevated Court

Villanova looks strong as usual, but nobody cared what they witnessed at Hoops Mania. Although, the conclusion of the night went viral as the elevated court at Finneran Pavilion took hundreds of souls.

Students rushed to the court to meet the players and take pictures after Hoops Mania, but they did not realize the court was elevated.

The first person who tripped on the floor has an excuse. I will even give the first few students a break, but nobody accounted for the elevated floor throughout the viral video. It was ten seconds of students falling flat on their face, and it’s not like the people at the end of the clip did not see their peers tripping.

They just did not account for the elevated court at Finneran Pavilion.

Villanova is not an Ivy League school, but it’s a strong academic institution. In the 2022 US New Report, Villanova was the 49th ranked university in the United States. The survey takes 4,000 schools into consideration for their rankings, putting the school in the top 1.2%.

This means the kids who were tripping have some academic merit to their name but do they have common sense? They could have been drunk, but I guarantee most of the students just did not have any clue the court was elevated at Finneran Pavilion.

After seeing your buddy’s trip, you need to adjust. I think my fellow UConn alums would agree that the Huskies would have stayed on their feet.

What means more…common sense or book smarts? Let me know @tannerkern_ on Twitter.


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