Selection Sunday is nearly upon us and DraftKings Sportsbook offers some really unique prop bets when it comes to a team’s fate that we may or may not see in the tournament of 68. Today we are going to talk about good potential DFS picks to bet on before Sunday, and a little bit about our options.

If you are a new user to DraftKings, then before you look at any other bets you will have the option to bet $4 to win $256. You get 64/1 odds on a select underdog to win in a select conference tournament.

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A prop bet you’re going to want to make before Sunday is who will be the number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. Illinois (-286) is looking like they will for sure be taking the number seed before the big tournament.

They have had as good a week as any other team all season in college basketball. Illinois proved they are worthy of the No.1 seed after beating Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State all on the road.

The hard part is done and they should be closer to the 1-seed than the Wolverines (-1000). It would have been nice to place this bet last week when it was plus money but you can still take it at -286 which is a great deal.

Another great prop bet is the Over/Under tournament seed. We have Wisconsin sitting at over 6.5(-143). Wisconsin shouldn’t be anywhere close to the 6th seed in the tournament unless they can beat some big teams in their conference tournament.

Wisconsin DFS Picks

They don’t have any impressive wins, losing every tough game to teams like Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio State. I would place the Badgers in the 9th seed position possibly 8th seed and the -143 is an easy move to make due to the fact that Wisconsin has a lot of work to do to move to that 6 seed position.

Arkansas under 3.5 (-139) is a bet you definitely want to take heading into selection Sunday. Arkansas has had a wonderful season in the SEC and caught up to Alabama as one of the favorites in the SEC.

the Razorbacks are probably going to be one of the top 3-seeds, with some room to not make their conference championship game and still hold onto a bottom 3 seed. Arkansas is still underpriced when it comes to futures and that seems to be applying to their seeding.

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