Since the introduction of NIL to the sports world, athletes have been living lives of luxury. The greatest thing about NIL is it will increase the longevity of the game. I believe the potential finical benefits that athletes may find will cause them to stay all four years of college.

The biggest attraction the NBA can provide to young athletes is the promise of finical security. I think the creation of the NIL for collegiate basketball players will slow down the rate of freshmen leaving after one season to play professional basketball. Before the NIL deal, I never imagined it would have the ability to change the game in many so many aspects.

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With players staying all four years at a college program allowing their body time to nurture and grow. This will no doubt add to the competitiveness in the NBA. Not only will this improve the growth of these players it will ensure a great opportunity for health safety. Players will be able to play for long periods due to their bodies’ growth.

The extra time spent at college will not only help these young athletes grow physically but also their game will improve as well. The most difficult part of transitioning to the NBA is the physical and the learning curve. The style of basketball that is being played in the NBA is completely different. Depending on where you play when you enter college it may be your second or third time playing on an organized team. First is AAU or possibly high school.

The style of play is usually based on a certain system. If you went to an Ivy League school, you’ll be playing in a motion offense with a lot of cuts and back doors. This is completely different than the NBA. The league has been broken up into roles. Players are put on a team to do a certain job extremely well. They space the court out and allow players to play. The game is currently evolving, and I believe this is very productive for the sport of basketball.

I can imagine several years in the future when these young athletes grow into men and the sport of basketball becomes refined. These players play the game at the highest level, and I can only wonder what is next for the future.

Conversation Starter

I believe a lot of credit should be given to LaVar ball. Ever since his entrance into the basketball community and social media platforms things have been different. Levar questioned the NCAA and I believe once he started to question them everyone began asking questions. LaVar ball started the conversation on athletes’ worth and their opportunities in the sport. Before all of this athletes didn’t have an avenue after college. It was either they went pro in the NBA, or they went overseas. Now there are a plethora of opportunities for athletes to take advantage of and allow them to showcase their talents.


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