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Purdue Boilermakers are Rolling Toward a National Championship

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Purdue has a chance to win a National Championship this year. Read this article to see why Ayden Frickleton believes Purdue might be one of the best teams in NCAA basketball.

There have been no negative things to say about the Purdue Boilermakers this year. 

The Boilermakers started the season 10-0 and should head into the next four games and easily win. This Purdue basketball team is something special this year, even without their leading star, Jaden Ivey, that was drafted after last season. They have not let losing their star affect them this year by steamrolling teams and becoming the number-one team in the nation. 

Purdue is Rolling Early in the Season

The Boilermakers have played one of the toughest starting schedules I have seen. 

In the first six games, the Boilermakers had to play Gonzaga and Duke back-to-back, which is always tough against teams of that caliber. Not only did the Boilermakers win against both teams, but they beat them by over 15 points each. The name Zach Edey should ring a bell because he was a factor last year with Ivey and now plays a huge part in the Boilermakers program. 

The next true test for the Boilermakers is on January 5th against the Ohio State Buckeyes, who are ranked 23rd right now. 

Zach Edey is Making a Huge Impact

When you watch Edey on the floor, you would think to yourself, what can this man really show? Well to be completely honest, everything, from being able to score the ball to getting every offensive and defensive rebound. 

Edey can do anything you ask of him, and if he cannot do it right away, it will be done in the future. Edey has three of the five team leaders rankings on ESPN. Edey is leading the team in points, blocks, and rebounds per game. 

The big thing that helps the Boilermakers succeed is that Edey is averaging 22.0 points per game, and then he is averaging 13.7 rebounds per game. This is unheard of in college basketball, with Edey easily averaging a double-double each game. The amount of effort and leadership Edey puts in is unreal, and he deserves a high draft spot in next year’s draft. 

What’s in Store for the Boilermakers?

The Purdue Boilermakers do not have the toughest next few games, but now every team is headhunting after this team. Any team that has the chance to knock off the number 1 team in the nation is taking all the shots possible. 

In the next ten games, the Boilermakers will make a statement by at least winning nine out of the next ten games and going 20-1 to start the season. While a hot start from a college team is impressive, the Boilermakers want to prove to the world that they are coming for the NCAA National Championship. This Boilermakers squad will be able to show the fans what they have wanted since they started basketball at Purdue. 

The Purdue Boilermakers have a chance to make history this year, and I believe they will do exactly that. 


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