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Sunday College Basketball Stock Watch

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Here is a team I am buying and a team that I am selling after roughly two weeks of the season.

The more games that we get to see the better idea we have as far as contenders and pretenders. While I have taken a tremendous beating in the actual stock market in the last 45 days, I feel confident in my buying and selling in the college basketball landscape. Here is a team I am buying and a team that I am selling after roughly two weeks of the season.

Buying: Purdue Boilermakers

As a rule, you should never purchase a stock when it is at its highest value unless you see room for even more growth. After watching the Boilermakers play a very good North Carolina team on Saturday evening, I am dumping a ton of money (belief) into this Matt Painter team.

Painter is one of the reasons I already liked Purdue but this teams’ mindset is just unshakeable. The Boilermakers stretched the lead to 7-10 points on multiple occasions during the North Carolina game and the Heels came storming back each time. Instead of folding, Purdue just buckled down and made the big play. Even after UNC took the lead late in the second half, Purdue immediately went on a 9-0 run to close the game.

The other impressive part of their resiliency is the fact that it was just Jaden Ivey making those big plays and big shots. Trevion Wiliams, Sasha Stojanovic and Caleb Furst all made big shots down the stretch and Purdue put the Heels down for good.

Right now Purdue feels like Tesla at $600. You may ask how much further can their value rise? Tesla is currently trading at $1,137.

Selling: Syracuse Orange

There were a couple of candidates for this spot but ultimately, Syracuse “won” out. It has only been three games, why the panic? You just have to watch the games.

On paper, the loss to Colgate at home shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. The Raiders return basically everyone with the exception of Joe Burns from a tournament team last season. However, missing Joe Burns is a big deal.

When you are talking about a Syracuse team that is boasting a potential All-American in Buddy Boeheim, you expect more than saw on Saturday. You certainly expect more on the defensive end. Colgate chopped that vaunted 2-3 up all evening en route to a 1.37 points per offensive possession and 100 points.That is the first game going back to 2010-11 that the Orange have surrendered the century in the Carrier Dome.

The issue remains the same with the Orange, they have no inside presence. There simply appears to be no offense for “easy” high percentage shots. It’s just a triple attempt after one on one step back attempt. Rinse repeat. Syracuse may be one of the best shooting teams in the ACC but if they can’t establish some kind of post game to give these shooters room they are just going to underachieve this season.

The other reason to sell this team is their upcoming schedule. Their opponents before Christmas are VCU followed by either Arizona State or Baylor at the Battle for Atlantis. Then Indiana(H), Florida State(A), Villanova (N), Georgetown (A). Rough.

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