There are many competitive collegiate basketball teams in the NCAA today. I want to uncover who is the toughest team to play against. In terms of tough teams, it is hard to figure out who is the toughest because everybody’s definition is different. Some teams are more athletic than others and some teams shoot the ball very well. Some college teams run an ivy league offense and opponents may find it difficult to guard the back cuts and motion offense since they are not used to guarding that type of action.

I believe the difficulty level before every game is decided by which team creates the most mismatches for the defense. A team that exploits mismatches in defense, and who can shoot the ball as well as run the floor and rebound is usually considered the tougher team.

Match up Monster

When I think of tough matchups in college basketball several teams come to mind.
Purdue Boilermakers have been a force in NCAA basketball in the NCAA for a couple of years now, receiving invites to the NCAA tournament in recent years consistently. This season the Boilermakers finished with a 29-8 record one of the best records in Purdue Basketball history.

When you think of mismatches you think of the Purdue boilermakers. Zach Edey is a 7’4 295lb center for the boilermakers and he is the biggest mismatch in college basketball. Edey is Paired with 6’10 veteran big Trevion Williams. This front-court duo dominates the boards and the paint for the Purdue offense. Potential NBA lottery Guard Jaden Ivey stated on this team as well with this trio causing issues all over the court.

When speaking on the Boiler makers a team that causes similar mismatch issues is the Florida State Seminoles. Similar in size it seems as if both teams keep a 7’4+ player on their roster. The Seminoles reside in the ACC and have constantly been in the top 5 in the league in recent years.

ACC North Carolina provides mismatch issues around the floor and plays a fast-paced game. The University of North Carolina is known for its 5-second layup and advancement of basketball. UNC proved themselves as they made it to the finals of the NCAA tournament.

Armando Bacot is a skilled big who is surrounded by good guards who can shoot the ball. Paired with Power forward Brady Manek who can guard 2-5 and space the floor with a nice 3-point shoot UNC is one of the toughest teams in the nation

Miami Hurricanes

In my opinion, the toughest team in college basketball is the University of Miami. Coach Jim Larrañaga has taken an undersized team placed them in a 5-out offense and made Miami history.

Last season the Miami Hurricanes made school history as they busted many brackets making it to the elite 8. With a skilled 6’10 center in Sam Waardenburg at the top of the key and a lineup of veteran guards, Miami was virtually unstoppable. With A flurry of open 3s and back cuts, the Hurricanes stormed the ACC. Teams had difficulty matching up and running with the canes, a similar style to the Golden State Warriors. The Hurricanes became the Toughest team in the NCAA.