UConn basketball has had a roller coaster for the past three years. 

The Huskies joined the Big East Conference three years ago and have made the dance the last two years running. In the past two years, the Huskies have lost in the first round of both those years. I believe this year will be different for the Huskies as they are ranked in the number two spot. 

UConn has recorded a record of 12-0. One of the highlight games for the Huskies this year was when they beat Alabama with a score of 82-67. The Huskies have not had a close game this year and have dominated each team they face. 

Leading this pack would be Adama Sanogo, who has been nothing but a force on the court these past 12 games. Sanogo is now a junior at UConn and has been there all three years. Sanogo is looking for a National Championship run after losing in the first two rounds of his last two years. 

Sanogo Rolling This Year

Few people know the name Adama Sanogo, but they will start after what he has done for the Huskies. Sanogo is averaging 19.0 points per game and tacking on 7.3 rebounds per game. When I came across the Huskies’ run and was able to watch Sanogo, he was a game-changer in the games I watched. 

Each year Sanogo has gotten better, starting from freshman year, where he averaged 7.3 points per game, and then in his sophomore year, averaging 14.8. Most of Sanogo’s points have come from the painting. Having a 6’9 body type is huge for college basketball and gives a big advantage to Sanogo. 

One of the peak performances from Sanogo has been the Alabama game, where he dropped 25 points on the Crimson Tide. Sanogo has worked on his scoring abilities each year, which has truly shown for the Huskies this year.  

UConn to the Final Four 

There is no doubt in my mind if UConn can continue this path, they will be in the final four. 

This would be huge for the Huskies, who could not begin their run the past two years. With the Huskies being undefeated this year, they have the next four games to win before they face their next big opponent. This will be Marquette, currently ranked 24th, and that game will be held on January 11th. 

There is one negative for the Huskies this season, and that would be the strength of the schedule. UConn will only play two ranked teams this year which will hurt the Huskies down the road. That said, UConn has had a different year from the past two years, which will help the Huskies down the road. 

The Huskies will have a difficult time in the first few rounds, but after they figure out how to score against big-time teams, they will make the final four.