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5 Reasons to be Excited About Miami Hurricanes Football in 2023

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The Miami Hurricanes Football program is one with rich history and great achievements. Is 2023 the season in which Miami is… “Back?”

The excitement of the crowd, the tailgaters cooking up fresh meat on the grill, children playing football in the parking lot. All these elements can only mean one thing… Miami hurricanes football has returned in 2023. Here are five reasons why you should be excited for Miami Hurricane football in 2023.

1. The Mario Effect:

My first reason why you should be excited for Miami hurricanes football in 2023 is that it is what I call the Mario effect. Allow me to explain, I believe that seeing as how Mario didn’t really get a chance to have his own players on the team (in terms of players he recruited.)

I think that will allow us to see a new fresh and dynamic team on both sides of the ball. I think that if he has his recruits he will be able to drive home the promise he set up to achieve in last season’s post-game press conference at the end of the final game of the regular season in which he said, “ Miami will be a championship program.” While I still believe that that is a few years away, this is certainly a step in the right direction for Mario to be able to achieve that goal.

2. Recruiting:

My second reason to be excited for Miami hurricanes football in 2023 comes down to one simple word… Recruiting. We have seen that Mario is a masterful recruiter who is not afraid to get his hands dirty when going after who he wants.

He is tenacious in the sense that once he has his eye on someone he doesn’t back down. He will even go so far as to rent a helicopter to be able to make an entrance in order to convince a recruit to attend his school. Simply put, Mario is a workhorse. Another example of this is him traveling to Minnesota in early December to go to the home of canes 2023 commit Jackson Carver.

Keep in mind, carver was already committed to the University of Miami since June of last year. However, he and Mario never really got a chance to meet until then. This all comes back to my point that he’s not afraid to go the extra mile for the recruits that he wants, and I think that is a valuable aspect in a coach as it is a program changer and a culture changer in my opinion.

3. Staff Changes:

throughout his first year at Miami Mario Cristobal has made it very clear that he wants things done his way and he will make sure of it. a notable change would be the hiring and firing of former offensive coordinator, Josh Gattis who was a broyals award winner in 2021 for best offensive coordinator in college football.

The office was less than stellar under Gattis’s direction and due to his poor performance, he was often criticized by many fans for his lack of innovation and technique in the offense. In fact, just today at the time of this writing, it was announced to do that Miami has an agreement in principle with former Marshall defensive coordinator Lance Guidry so while Mario may take his time to make decisions, I just have one thing to say to readers who are rabid fans… Trust the process Rome was not built in a day.

4. Born and Bred:

Mário Cristobal was born and raised in the city of Miami. This is a dream job that he had wanted since he was a child Whenever Mario talks about the University of Miami, you can see the passion in his eyes. You can see the child That grew up going to and playing in games at the Orange Bowl. You can see that kid from Miami with a twinkle in his eye.

It is worth also noting that he is a graduate of Christopher Columbus high school where he met his best friend and current offensive line coach Alex Mirabal. From a fan perspective, it is truly wonderful to see a hometown kid finally after many Roads traveled be able to finally achieve his dream job and be able to call himself the head coach of the Miami hurricanes.

5. Fanfare:

Picture This, it is a warm night in mid-October, everyone is gathered around the parking lot at hard rock Stadium waiting for kickoff to begin. The hurricanes are playing their in-state rival the Florida State Seminoles this isn’t a football game to some this is a bragging rights game. from Trick Daddy’s take it to the house to bad bunny’s Moscow mule blaring on speakers throughout the parking lot.

It is always a party in the parking lot during tailgates on a personal note, I’ve been going to Hurricanes Football games since I was eight years old with my family There’s nothing like the camaraderie between one another when the Miami hurricanes play on Saturdays whether you’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

There is a place for everyone underneath anyone’s tent in any of the lots at the Hard Rock Stadium. The experience all culminates inside hard rock Stadium under the bright lights of Saturday night football. There is truly nothing like it.

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