A college football analyst recently made the claim that Aidan Hutchison is the best defensive player in college football so far this season. There is no question that the defensive end is talented, but is he really the best defensive player?

With so much talent from a defensive perspective around the country, this is the kind of claim that is bound to be discussed.

However, since defenders often tend to go unnoticed despite their accomplishments, let’s first take a look at the background of Aidan Hutchison.

Who is Aidan Hutchison?

He is a second generation Michigan Wolverine, as his father played for the school in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Born and raised in Michigan, he was once selected as the number 1 recruit in the state by USA Today. He has taken big strides forward this season and has certainly put the NFL on notice.

It won’t be too long before Hutchison is making plays at the professional level.

What Makes Hutchison so Good?

Hutchison has stepped up as a leader in this Michigan defensive unit which has helped to spark the undefeated start to the season. His development as an edge rusher has been impressive, and makes offenses think twice before running the ball his way. Quarterbacks are forced to keep their attention on him, as he has a knack for breaking through the offensive line and causing havoc behind the line of scrimmage.

Hutchison has accumulated 24 total tackles, 18 solo tackles, 6 sacks and 1 forced fumble while leading a strong Wolverines defense which has led Michigan to a 6-0 record on the season and will be instrumental in fulfilling their college football playoff aspirations. In addition to being a key cog for a successful team, Hutchison projects as a first rounder in next year’s draft as well.

What Led to the Analyst Making His Proclamation?

Hutchison is good, but there are plenty of incredible defensive players in college football this season. So what was analyst Anthony Treash’s reasoning for bestowing this title upon Hutchison?

Treash declared;

“Hutchinson’s power, hand placement and get-off make him a force to be reckoned with and someone few tackles in the country can handle. He isn’t just the best edge defender in the country; he is the best player in all of college football through the first half of the year.”

So in addition to impressive statistics, Treash mentions that Hutchison’s physical prowess is what sets him apart from other players. He discusses his ability to combine power and quickness which makes him unguardable. Being 6’6 and 265 pounds helps his case as well.

So far so good for the senior, and he will look to continue to perform at a high level as Michigan prepares for the second half of the season.