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Anthony Richardson: Showstopper

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Anthony Richardson is primed to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL after having one of the best combine performances in recent memory. Let’s take a look at who Richardson was before that.

High School Career

The Miami, Florida native played for East Gainesville high school in Gainesville, Florida. During his career, Anthony Richardson threw for 4,633 passing yards and 37 touchdowns, along with 1,633 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns, and was also a finalist for the elite eight, which is the premier high school quarterback competition in the entire country. Certainly an impressive résumé just in high school alone.

Collegiate Career

Fast forwarding to his career at the University of Florida, his résumé continued to impress. And his freshman season at Florida in 2020, he saw only four games of action and threw one touchdown, and rushed for only 3 yards. However, it wasn’t until his next two years at Florida that his stock began to rise.

In 2021, his sophomore season at Florida. He began to flourish. Just in the first game, Richardson went five for seven on passing and 55 yards and roast for 27 against Florida State. But this time, NFL scouts were starting to take notice. He was now a superstar in college football. He even earned the moniker A.R. 15 (15 being his college number.) it was only a matter of time before he made it big.

In response to all of this attention, he said, “ throughout this whole process, my main goal was to grow (my game), and I feel like I’ve been doing that I feel like I’ve shown it to everybody here, and even care what anyone else says.” (condensed for clarity.) it’s only a matter of time before he shows that on the world’s biggest stage.


In my opinion, Richardson has that “it” factor that most teams look for. He is diligent and hard-working when it comes to his work. He’s willing to put in the time to develop and perfect. That is something that is sure to get perspective teams that may draft him intrigued by the possibility. If you don’t believe me or think what I’m saying is hyperbole, look up his highlights on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed.

Another thing that I wanted to touch on is just his confidence with the ball in his hands. Richardson just slings it. It’s hard to explain within the 500-word limit that we are given, but I’m telling you, after you read this article, look him up and see it for yourself. this man is the most exciting player in football today, and that may seem like I’m saying a lot, considering he has yet to step onto an NFL field. But I mean it; get ready to have your Sundays electrified.

To conclude, either one cannot wait to see what Anthony Richardson is capable of in the NFL. He was an electrifying player in college football. Richardson’s game was like no other I’d ever seen. Whatever team picks him, in my opinion, the number one pick in the draft is sure to get their money’s worth and see profits rise.


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