Football season will be here before long. Here at KnupSports, we are getting a start on the season and diving into each of the Division 1 teams. We look at their schedules and anticipate how they will fare in the 2018 season. Today we look at the Atlantic Coast Conference.


ACC Atlantic

Boston College Eagles

The road trips for the Eagles will be brutal as they travel to NC State, Virginia Tech, and Florida State. These make it imperative to winsome home contests that usually prove difficult such as Louisville, Miami, and Clemson. Look for Boston College to fall under the .500 mark at 5-7.

Sept. 1 UMass
Sept. 8 Holy Cross
Sept. 13 at Wake Forest
Sept. 22 at Purdue
Sept. 29 Temple
Oct. 6 at NC State
Oct. 13 Louisville
Oct. 26 Miami
Nov. 3 at Virginia Tech
Nov. 10 Clemson
Nov. 17 at Florida State
Nov. 24 Syracuse

Clemson Tigers

The Tigers got a shot at going undefeated. The biggest concern points to October 27th when they travel to Tallahassee and face Florida State. They have to defeat Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M in the second week of the season. I look for one loss along the way. It could even be at Georgia Tech where that takes place. Clemson at 11-1.

Sept. 1 Furman
Sept. 8 at Texas A&M
Sept. 15 Georgia Southern
Sept. 22 at Georgia Tech
Sept. 29 Syracuse
Oct. 6 at Wake Forest
Oct. 20 NC State
Oct. 27 at Florida State
Nov. 3 Louisville
Nov. 10 at Boston College
Nov. 17 Duke
Nov. 24 South Carolina

Florida State Seminoles

Coach Willie Taggart gets to find out in the opener if they are part of the big dogs with a home game against Virginia Tech. The road will be tough with Notre Dame, NC State, Miami and a Jackson-less Louisville squad on the schedule. Can they beat Florida and Clemson at home?

This team could have a big range of wins but look for 9-3 for the Seminoles.

Sept. 3 Virginia Tech
Sept. 8 Samford
Sept. 15 at Syracuse
Sept. 22 Northern Illinois
Sept. 29 at Louisville
Oct. 6 at Miami
Oct. 20 Wake Forest
Oct. 27 Clemson
Nov. 3 at NC State
Nov. 10 at Notre Dame
Nov. 17 Boston College
Nov. 24 Florida

Louisville Cardinals

My opening will be the same as thousands of others when writing about the Cardinals. How will they survive with Lamar Jackson? The opener will be played in Orlando against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Fortunately for Louisville, the schedule has NC State and Florida State at home. Clemson on the road may be unwinnable. I have wavered on this team and have decided they finish 8-4 on the year.

Sept. 1 vs. Alabama (in Orlando)
Sept. 8 Indiana State
Sept. 15 WKU
Sept. 22 at Virginia
Sept. 29 Florida State
Oct. 5 Georgia Tech
Oct. 13 at Boston College
Oct. 27 Wake Forest
Nov. 3 at Clemson
Nov. 9 at Syracuse
Nov. 17 NC State
Nov. 24 Kentucky

NC State Wolfpack

The Wolfpack plays nine bowl teams from last year. This is a brutal schedule for NC State. They have the horses to win games but face tough competition almost weekly. They end at 7-5.

Sept. 1 James Madison
Sept. 8 Georgia State
Sept. 15 West Virginia
Sept. 22 at Marshall
Sept. 29 Virginia
Oct. 6 Boston College
Oct. 20 at Clemson
Oct. 27 at Syracuse
Nov. 3 Florida State
Nov. 8 Wake Forest
Nov. 17 at Louisville
Nov. 24 at North Carolina

Syracuse Orange

Even though the schedule has some favorable facets for the Orange, I can’t give them over 4 wins on the year. The home schedule will help but may go winless on the road. Syracuse will have to work hard for 4-8.

Sept. 1 at Western Michigan
Sept. 8 Wagner
Sept. 15 Florida State
Sept. 22 UConn
Sept. 29 at Clemson
Oct. 6 at Pitt
Oct. 20 North Carolina
Oct. 27 NC State
Nov. 3 at Wake Forest
Nov. 9 Louisville
Nov. 17 Notre Dame (in New York)
Nov. 24 at Boston College

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Wake may be on to something as they open the season with five out of the first six home games. That will give them the impetus to get it going. After that, the pickings are slim as they complete the season at 7-5.

Aug. 30 at Tulane
Sept. 8 Towson
Sept. 13 Boston College
Sept. 22 Notre Dame
Sept. 29 Rice
Oct. 6 Clemson
Oct. 20 at Florida State
Oct. 27 at Louisville
Nov. 3 Syracuse
Nov. 8 at NC State
Nov. 17 Pitt
Nov. 24 at Duke


Duke Blue Devils

They get Northwestern and Baylor back-to-back and that is a daunting task on the road. Also on the road, is Clemson, Miami, and Pitt. The Blue Devils finish 5-7.

Sept. 1 Army
Sept. 8 at Northwestern
Sept. 15 at Baylor
Sept. 22 NC Central
Sept. 29 Virginia Tech
Oct. 13 at Georgia Tech
Oct. 20 Virginia
Oct. 27 at Pitt
Nov. 3 at Miami
Nov. 10 North Carolina
Nov. 17 at Clemson
Nov. 24 Wake Forest

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

After an easy opener, the Yellow Jackets go on the road to face USF and Pitt. After that, they bring in Clemson for a home game. This is a middle of the road team that goes 6-6 on the year.

Sept. 1 Alcorn State
Sept. 8 at USF
Sept. 15 at Pitt
Sept. 22 Clemson
Sept. 29 Bowling Green
Oct. 5 at Louisville
Oct. 13 Duke
Oct. 25 at Virginia Tech
Nov. 3 at North Carolina
Nov. 10 Miami
Nov. 17 Virginia
Nov. 24 at Georgia

Miami Hurricanes

The Canes start in a neutral site for the opener with LSU. After that, they should win several games and look for the home contest with the Seminoles. This team has potential to win many contests. Miami shocks everyone and goes 10-2.

Sept. 2 LSU (in Arlington)
Sept. 8 Savannah State
Sept. 15 at Toledo
Sept. 22 FIU
Sept. 27 North Carolina
Oct. 6 Florida State
Oct. 13 at Virginia
Oct. 26 at Boston College
Nov. 3 Duke
Nov. 10 at Georgia Tech
Nov. 17 at Virginia Tech
Nov. 24 Pitt

North Carolina Tar Heels

Not much here to see as North Carolina just plods along to a 6-6 record.

Sept. 1 at California
Sept. 8 at East Carolina
Sept. 15 UCF
Sept. 22 Pitt
Sept. 27 at Miami
Oct. 13 Virginia Tech
Oct. 20 at Syracuse
Oct. 27 at Virginia
Nov. 3 Georgia Tech
Nov. 10 at Duke
Nov. 17 Western Carolina
Nov. 24 NC State

Pitt Panthers

In the second week and third week, the Panthers are at home against formidable opposition in Penn State and Georgia Tech and travel to Orlando for the UCF game. Pitt can be scary for those unprepared as they end 7-5 on the season.

Sept. 1 Albany
Sept. 8 Penn State
Sept. 15 Georgia Tech
Sept. 22 at North Carolina
Sept. 29 at UCF
Oct. 6 Syracuse
Oct. 13 at Notre Dame
Oct. 27 Duke
Nov. 2 at Virginia
Nov. 10 Virginia Tech
Nov. 17 at Wake Forest
Nov. 24 at Miami

Virginia Cavaliers

Not enough wins from this team to be bowl worthy. Look for Cavaliers to end 5-7.

Sept. 1 Richmond
Sept. 8 at Indiana
Sept. 15 Ohio
Sept. 22 Louisville
Sept. 29 at NC State
Oct. 13 Miami
Oct. 20 at Duke
Oct. 27 North Carolina
Nov. 2 Pitt
Nov. 10 Liberty
Nov. 17 at Georgia Tech
Nov. 23 at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Hokies

The season could start well if the Hokies can find a way to win a road opener against Florida State. In the middle of the season, they host Notre Dame. Virginia Tech can win lots of games as they finish 9-3.

Sept. 3 at Florida State
Sept. 8 William & Mary
Sept. 15 East Carolina
Sept. 22 at Old Dominion
Sept. 29 at Duke
Oct. 6 Notre Dame
Oct. 13 at North Carolina
Oct. 25 Georgia Tech
Nov. 3 Boston College
Nov. 10 at Pitt
Nov. 17 Miami
Nov. 23 Virginia

ACC Projected NFL Draftees 2019

Zach Allen, DE, Boston College

Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson

Brian Burns, DE, Florida State

Lukas Denis, S, Boston College

Alec Eberle, C, Florida State

Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson (lock first round pick)

Deondre Francois, QB, Florida State (has personal issues)

Derrick Kelly, OT, Florida State

Tre Lamar, LB, Clemson

Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson (may get selected #1 overall pick)

Shaquille Quarterman, LB, Miami

Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami (likely first round pick)

Jaylen Smith, WR, Louisville

Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson (likely first round pick)

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