It’s that time of year folks. College Football officially kicks off tonight here in sunny Orlando, Florida. We have Miami vs. Florida, THE U vs. THE GATORS — being held at Camping World Stadium.

I had the pleasure of joining JB The Ticket on his show “Vegas Scoreboard Express” early on Saturday morning. We talk a little about the game and the players/coaches involved tonight.

Listen to the Segment

Click the play button below to listen to the segment. PS — there is a lot of intro music so fast forward to the 5 minute mark to start hearing the interview portion

I want to thank JB for reaching out to me on LinkedIn and setting this entire thing up. You can find all of their episodes (or subscribe to their show) using this link below:

Looking forward to hearing more shows from JB and the crew. Until then, let’s win some money tonight and enjoy the quick interview.

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