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Leading Teams in NCAA Football

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As the 2022-2023 NCAA football season continues the top teams and contenders for the NCAA championship start to show themselves. Although some teams may be strong there are only a few who are able to take the championship home this year.

For what feels like forever, the same teams have felt like they have dominated the NCAA and those teams are once again at the top of the league. These teams not only dominate but hold a grip over college football. Both dominate on the offensive and defensive sides of the field. These teams are the only ones with a chance at the championship.

Georgia Bulldogs

A list of leading teams in NCAA football has to include the past year champions. The Georgia Bulldogs picked up right where they left off last season. Already holding an undefeated record after six games into the season.

The biggest takeaway from this Georgia team has been their defense. Although the team did lose some big defensive players, they are still completely halting teams’ offenses throughout games. Holding number twelve ranked Oregon to only three points while putting up forty-nine of their own.

The Georgia Bulldogs aren’t leaving anytime going into this season and look to continue their dominance.

Alabama Elephants

Once again, roll tide is rolling through the league. The Alabama Elephants are once again in the top teams of the league with an undefeated record. It is hard to poke holes in such a complete team like the elephants.

There is one fear for the Elephants that they have not had in the past; as much as the team is extremely well-rounded there is not an excess of phenomenal players. This could come in handy for other teams in the postseason who can target this to give them the win.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The team with the best chance to take home the championship this year has to be the Buckeyes. With hands down one of the best receiver cores seen in college football in a while, this team’s offense looks like a force of nature.

Though the team had a rough start to the season, only beating Notre Dame, they quickly showed their dominance by putting up over forty points a game up to date. Although Ohio State has not beaten a ranked team, this does not affect their ranking. The Buckeyes truly look like a force to be reckoned with come the postseason.

Clemson Tigers

Coming back into the top-ranked teams in the NCAA, the Clemson Tigers have rebuilt and look dangerous. While this team is the black horse of this year’s tournament, this does not mean they should be underestimated.

With some of the best coaching in the NCAA at the moment, the Clemson Tigers run like a machine to force their way down the field on teams. Already beating the fifteenth and fourteenth teams in the league, The Clemson Tigers look to rise back to the top of the NCAA.


Although all of these teams have a high chance of winning this year’s tournament, the team that stands above the rest is the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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