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Miami Hurricanes: Football Expectations

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The Miami Hurricanes football team is full of history and an incredible past. But what should fans expect for the 2023 College football season?

The Miami hurricanes annual spring football game is upon us. Rather than this be a preview because there’s no opponents, here are 5 things that I’m looking forward to seeing in the spring game.

Quarterback play

We know Tyler Van Dyke had a less than stellar season last year compared to his breakout freshman season. Through videos on social media and after practice press conferences, I can tell TVD has been putting in the work to be better, I for one cannot see how that will translate come September. To me, he has the potential to really shine so it will be interesting to see if his talk is backed up by the performance. He has proved it before, but will lightning strike twice?

Running back play

This is my most favorite aspect to not only see but write about. The running back for the Miami hurricanes has been quite depleted since last season with the injury of Don Chaney Junior. Now, with Chaney scheduled to make his debut this upcoming season, I for one cannot wait to see how he progresses. Add that along with the play of second year running back Henry Parrish Junior and you have yourself a combination for the ages. I believe that with both of their explosive fire powers, teams are going to have a tough time when they play the Miami hurricanes in 2023.

Mario in full effect

Now it is officially Mario Cristobal’s time to show what he’s made of. I mean that in the sense that now his roster is full of players he recruited, These are his kids so to speak. There’s no more remnant of the Manny Diaz era it is now officially his time, either way I’m excited to see how that meshes this upcoming season. I would venture to say that I expect nothing but national championship appearances for the next three years ( one can only hope ha ha).

In all seriousness, I believe the canes can make some noise nationally and gain respect from a lot of other teams in and outside of the conference. But as I always like to say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am sure the Canes will have their struggles, but it will certainly be a lot better than last year.

Defensive Play

I could go on and on about how bad the hurricanes defense was last year, but I don’t wanna get it taken off this internship ha ha. If you watched any minute of Miami Hurricanes football last year, you saw that the hurricanes defense was subpar. From missing tackles to getting ejected for targeting, the Miami hurricanes defense had it’s rough spots last year. What I’m looking forward to most, though, is seeing the changes Hall-of-Famer Jason Taylor who is a defensive analyst for Miami has implemented with the defensive players. In 2017, the hurricanes defense was sensational. This writer Would like to get back to that sooner or later


To quote popular NFL Redzone host Scott Hansen: “ football” football will be back in the city of Miami albeit for a practice game instead of a real one but this writer will take whatever he can get. It feels like years since the most recent Super Bowl so I’m just excited to see football in any form return. what I won’t enjoy however is the long wait afterward until September. But for now we shall (spring) football

In conclusion, I hope that when you watch the Miami hurricanes spring game next Friday, you find some of the things that I highlighted in this article for yourself. I hope that my article helps you become more knowledgeable about certain positions and players to watch. It certainly is an exciting time in Coral Gables. This is just a preview of what is to come.

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