College football is back… Well, not exactly, but it was still fun to watch. The Miami Hurricanes held their annual spring football game. This spring game culminates as the final spring practice, and allows the fans to catch a glimpse of what to expect in the fall. Here are five things that I observed watching the game on Saturday.

1. TVD time

TVD picked up right where he left off. that kid never ceases to amaze me whenever he steps on the field. He’s accurate with his throws, is able to get in and out of the pocket with ease and he is also given time by his defensive line which is something that not a lot of Miami Hurricanes’ players have had in the past. His ability to read down the field is second to none. His on field awareness is just incredible. This kid will be great come Sundays.

2. Miami Hurricanes’ Stellar defense

The Miami Hurricanes’ defense did not come to mess around on Saturday even though it was a spring game. Led by freshman, Ruben Bain who had three sacks on the night. The defense is certainly looking a lot better under Mario Cristobal‘s regime. Now, I know that they may seem like hyperbole to some but I would just say wait until September. That’s when the real test begins.

3. The Return of the Don

Now for those of you who don’t know I am talking about the return of Miami Hurricanes’ running back Don Chaney Junior. He was out with a shoulder injury most of last year, so it was finally great to see him back on the field. And let me tell you, he is ready to run. He looked agile and Swift and never lost his footing when he had the ball in his hands. Him along with the others in the running back room should be a scary sight Come September.

4. Wide Receiver Play

What else is there to say about Miami’s wide receivers? There are still some Chinx in the armor but other than that they Look ready and raring to go. From Xavier restrepo to Nathaniel Joseph Junior, who is just getting started in his hurricanes career, the hurricanes are flashy and have speed. I expect it to be a nightmare for opposing offenses to score points this season.

5. Alex Mirabal Effect

What is there to say about Alex Mirabal other than the man knows what he’s doing. And in just his first year, the offensive line has looked smooth and more crisp and are able to move more fluidly around the field. I can’t wait to watch the improvements in year two. If it was anything like what I saw in the spring game, college football should strap in for the ride because the hurricanes are coming with a vengeance.

6. All-around Cohesiveness

One of the things I observed the main thing at that is that the team looks cohesive. They all seem to flow together really well at both positions and I think that’s all you can ask for in a team. There’s no one that afraid to take a chance to throw the ball down field or try to make a catch And that to me is just a start of a winning formula.

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