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NIL: The New College Football

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College Football has begun to change in big ways recently. Read this article to learn more about how College Football has begun to change.

NIL Deals

College Football where players are not allowed to get paid or offered endorsement deals is over as we know it. Players decide to play for a school because the coaching staff and education are no longer, as many players will decide to play for the school that offers them the most money.

I think that NIL deals change college football for the better. This will allow for teams other than Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, and the other usual playoff teams, the ability to compete for a national championship. We have already seen Coach Saban complain about the recruitment process through NIL deals.

Saban claimed that it was unfair for teams to be able to buy players, however, Alabama has been top of recruiting almost every year and it is time for their dynasty to be put to the test.

Over the next decade, we will see a huge change in certain organizations. We will also see teams switch conferences over the next few years which impacts the entire college football schedule. We recently saw this with UCLA and USC as they left the Pac 12 and joined the Big Ten conference.

These will not be the only two teams to switch conferences as it is rumored that eventually University of Miami, Florida State, Clemson, and the University of North Carolina will all leave the ACC and join the SEC.

The Miami Hurricanes

Programs like the Miami Hurricanes will flourish through the new College Football recruiting process. Other teams like the University of Texas will also prosper through NIL deals.

This is since colleges similar to Miami and Texas have extreme amounts of money thanks to the boosters that supply it. Now that they can legally pay players to come to play at these schools, look for these programs to take a huge leap over the next few years.
Over the last decade University of Miami football has been mediocre and this year they decided they needed change. They decided to reconstruct their entire coaching staff and hire Mario Cristobal as their head coach.

The recruiting process of NIL deals has helped Miami tremendously for the 2023 class as they are currently ranked top ten in the country in recruiting classes. They have already recruited one five-star, five four stars, six three stars, and are not finished yet.

The biggest player they have picked up is four-star quarterback, Jaden Rashada, out of Pittsburgh, CA. Rashada shook the entire college football fanbase when he committed to play for Miami because the University offered him 9.5 million dollars to play for the school. Rashada was even offered 11 million dollars from the University of Florida but decided that Miami was the right fit for him.

A quarterback making 9.5 million dollars in College football is unheard of, but it is something we fans should get used to. Rashada will be making more money playing quarterback for the University of Miami than Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow will in the NFL next season.

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