The College Football season looms over us and is coming quickly. KnupSports is eyeing each conference and looking at the schedules and predicting their season. 

Today we look at the Pac-12 Conference


California Golden Bears
Looks as if the schedule can get them to a Bowl game, Oregon will be a difficult home contest and ending with Washington State and USC on the road and then the Stanford Cardinals come to town makes them difficult for the Bears. Even Steven for California at 6-6 

Sept. 1 North Carolina
Sept. 8 at BYU
Sept. 15 Idaho State
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 29 Oregon
Oct. 6 at Arizona
Oct. 13 UCLA
Oct. 20 at Oregon State
Oct. 27 Washington
Nov. 3 at Washington State
Nov. 10 at USC
Nov. 17 Stanford
Nov. 24 Colorado

Oregon Ducks

The first three games should get them game ready for the conference contests. Stanford comes to town and then three road tilts. This is a winning program that continues with a 9-3 record.

Sept. 1 Bowling Green
Sept. 8 Portland State
Sept. 15 San Jose State
Sept. 22 Stanford
Sept. 29 at California
Oct. 13 Washington
Oct. 20 at Washington State
Oct. 27 at Arizona
Nov. 3 UCLA
Nov. 10 at Utah
Nov. 17 Arizona State
Nov. 23 at Oregon State

Oregon State Beavers

Opening on the road at Ohio State doesn’t sound like a good idea. The wins comes in week two and maybe three. That’s it for a 2-10 record.

Sept. 1 at Ohio State
Sept. 8 Southern Utah
Sept. 15 at Nevada
Sept. 22 Arizona
Sept. 29 at Arizona State
Oct. 6 Washington State
Oct. 20 California
Oct. 27 at Colorado
Nov. 3 USC
Nov. 10 at Stanford
Nov. 17 at Washington
Nov. 23 Oregon

Stanford Cardinal

The Cardinal have a tough schedule. Opening with San Diego State, USC and UC Davis will help but traveling to Oregon, Notre Dame, Arizona State, Washington, Cal, and UCLA makes for few wins. It could go either way here. Look for 7-5 and a bowl for Stanford.

Sept. 1 San Diego State
Sept. 8 USC
Sept. 15 UC Davis
Sept. 22 at Oregon
Sept. 29 at Notre Dame
Oct. 6 Utah
Oct. 18 at Arizona State
Oct. 27 Washington State
Nov. 3 at Washington
Nov. 10 Oregon State
Nov. 17 at California
Nov. 24 at UCLA

Washington Huskies

This team is pretty good. In fact, they play an impact game in their opener against Auburn in Atlanta. Another part of the schedule that could creat ea few issues is then they take road trips to UCLA and Oregon in consecutive weekends. Look for the Huskies to finish 10-2 in the regular schedule.

Sept. 1 Auburn (in Atlanta)
Sept. 8 North Dakota
Sept. 15 at Utah
Sept. 22 Arizona State
Sept. 29 BYU
Oct. 6 at UCLA
Oct. 13 at Oregon
Oct. 20 Colorado
Oct. 27 at California
Nov. 3 Stanford
Nov. 17 Oregon State
Nov. 23 at Washington State

Washington State Cougars

Opening in Wyoming doesn’t bode well for getting your first win. There is enough games for the Cougars to win with three of the final four at home to finish at 8-4.

Sept. 1 at Wyoming
Sept. 8 San Jose State
Sept. 15 Eastern Washington
Sept. 21 at USC
Sept. 29 Utah
Oct. 6 at Oregon State
Oct. 20 Oregon
Oct. 27 at Stanford
Nov. 3 California
Nov. 10 at Colorado
Nov. 17 Arizona
Nov. 23 Washington


Arizona Wildcats

The Wildcats have stack their schedule to likely win their first four games and will host USC in week five. Oregon at home and UCLA on the road could cause hiccups

The Kevin Sumlin era should get off to a good start with a relatively easy first four games. Playing USC is never fun, but at least that’s at home, with road games at Utah and UCLA the tough Pac-12 road games. They get Oregon and Arizona State in Tucson. Overall, it’s a manageable slate.
Realistic Best Case Record: 9-3
Realistic Worst Case Record: 6-6

Sept. 1 BYU

Sept. 8 at Houston
Sept. 15 Southern Utah
Sept. 22 at Oregon State
Sept. 29 USC
Oct. 6 California
Oct. 12 at Utah
Oct. 20 at UCLA
Oct. 27 Oregon
Nov. 2 Colorado
Nov. 17 at Washington State
Nov. 24 Arizona State

Arizona State Sun Devils

This team could likely go winless for a large part of their schedule if they dont handle USTA in the opener. Going ot USC, Oregon and Arizona are tough games. The Sun Devils end at 4-8.

Sept. 1 UTSA
Sept. 8 Michigan State
Sept. 15 at San Diego State
Sept. 22 at Washington
Sept. 29 Oregon State
Oct. 6 at Colorado
Oct. 18 Stanford
Oct. 27 at USC
Nov. 3 Utah
Nov. 10 UCLA
Nov. 17 at Oregon
Nov. 24 at Arizona

Colorado Buffaloes

The Buffaloes have chance to open the season with several wins but they get into conference play with UCLA and Arizona State t home followed by road trips to USC and Washington State. Look for Colorado to finish 7-5.

Sept. 1 at Colorado State (in Denver)
Sept. 8 at Nebraska
Sept. 15 New Hampshire
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 28 UCLA
Oct. 6 Arizona State
Oct. 13 at USC
Oct. 20 at Washington
Oct. 27 Oregon State
Nov. 2 at Arizona
Nov. 10 Washington State
Nov. 17 Utah
Nov. 24 at California

UCLA Bruins

Cincinnati comes in for the opener but all eyes are on the next contest as the Bruins travel to Oklahona. The schedule is rough near the end as they take on USC and Stanford. UCLA ends the regular schedule at 8-4.

Sept. 1 Cincinnati
Sept. 8 at Oklahoma
Sept. 15 Fresno State
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 28 at Colorado
Oct. 6 Washington
Oct. 13 at California
Oct. 20 Arizona
Oct. 26 Utah
Nov. 3 at Oregon
Nov. 10 at Arizona State
Nov. 17 USC
Nov. 24 Stanford


USC Trojans

The Trojans have a tough schedule that has very few easy contests. They should win their opener at home against UNLV but then travel to Stanford and Texas. The close of the schedule could have national implications with a trip to UCLA and finish at home facing Notre Dame. Look for a respectable 8-4 from USC.

Sept. 1 UNLV
Sept. 8 at Stanford
Sept. 15 at Texas
Sept. 21 Washington State
Sept. 29 at Arizona
Oct. 13 Colorado
Oct. 20 at Utah
Oct. 27 Arizona State
Nov. 3 at Oregon State
Nov. 10 California
Nov. 17 at UCLA
Nov. 24 Notre Dame

Utah Utes

USC and Oregon at home will be tough wins but the rest of the home schedule can be in the win column. On the road it is Stanford and Washington State. Look for a bowl with 8-4 on the regular season.

Aug. 30 Weber State
Sept. 8 at Northern Illinois
Sept. 15 Washington
Sept. 22 OPEN DATE
Sept. 29 at Washington State
Oct. 6 at Stanford
Oct. 12 Arizona
Oct. 20 USC
Oct. 26 at UCLA
Nov. 3 at Arizona State
Nov. 10 Oregon
Nov. 17 at Colorado
Nov. 24 BYU

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