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Parker Titsworth is Another Reason Why We Love MACtion

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If you have followed any of my content on the Sports 2.0 Network, you probably know I love MACtion.

I mean, how can you not love MACtion? It’s college football on a Tuesday and Wednesday night that we get to bet! That’s freakin’ tremendous.

Although, MACtion brings a lot more to the table than betting opportunities. The games are competitive, and the storylines never seem to end. The hottest MACtion narrative, which has circulated the internet before, popped back up on Wednesday following Ohio’s 34-26 win over Eastern Michigan.

If you are a heavy MACtion bettor like myself, you will likely not be surprised by this player’s name and number combination. If you stick to the Power Five, you may be taken back because you will not find this every day in the SEC.

Ohio sophomore offensive lineman Parker Titsworth, who rocks #69, went viral last night during the team’s game thanks to our friends at Barstool Sports.

Comedic jerseys are created all the time with the number 69, but Titsworth’s threads are all real. If you never thought you would see Titsworth and 69 on the same jersey, think again. You just had to turn on some midweek MACtion.

Parker Titsworth is Real

As an offensive line guy, I am already drawn to Titsworth as a 295-pound hogmolly. When you factor in his name and jersey combo, the 5’11” mauler is what makes MACtion football so special.

The best part about Titsworth is how he embraces his last name. Do you think the Ohio equipment staff randomly assigned him #69, or he walked into the locker room as a freshman and demanded #69?

I tend to think Titsworth was not going to be a Bobcat unless he could wear #69. His jersey combination was meant for a Tuesday night when we’re glued to our television watching the best two-star recruits in America ball out.

If you want to join the Titsworth craze, check out the athlete’s online store, where you can cop your own #69 jersey. If you buy some merchandise, you are supporting an Academic All-MAC selection. Help the kid out!

I never thought I would see this name and number on the field during a televised football game, but I was wrong. From a punt going zero yards to a player throwing up after a scoop and score touchdown, all bets are off during MACtion.

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