There are alot of quarterback prospects entering the draft this season, so I need to take a look at who they are, what they bring to the table, what they lack, and who they remind me of. I’ll give you each of those things and a draft order prediction for them below.

What are the options?

Whether you’re a die hard fan or just a casual fan, you may be trying to figure out what quarterback your team may try to draft this year. Whether your team is looking for a pocket passer or an elite scrambler, this draft class has something for everyone.

Matt Corral is a top-tier thrower and runner, and Kenny Pickett has been called Joe Burrow Lite by some. Desmond Ridder is accurate and clean, while Malik WIllis is a pure athlete with an enormous arm. Sam Howell is experienced, playing 37 games while only being 21 years old.

There’s lots to like and lots to evaluate, so let’s get started.

Top Tier

In this tier we have guys that I believe will go in the first round. Obviously, that depends on who is searching for a quarterback and in what rounds, but these are the cream of the crop in this year’s draft as far as passers go.

Malik Willis, Liberty University

This kid is an absolute weapon at quarterback. He has raw talent for sure, but definitely has some coverage reading to work on. Willis is fast, athletic, and built like a tall running back. He runs phenomenal plays on the lead option and is good at running through contact.

Willis does have a weak pocket presence and needs to work on his footwork in the pocket. That being said he is an accurate passer with incredible power and can make incredible plays on the run. He just needs to work with a high level coaching staff to clean up some of his messier habits and Willis could become a phenomenal NFL starter.

I see Willis as a Lamar Jackson-esqe performer. He has the abilities just needs to make it all come together in the league.

Matt Corral, Ole Miss

Corral is a great prospect. He’s personally my favorite in the class as far as potential goes as he has incredible athleticism, a lighting quick release, and phenomenal power. To me he’s the most NFL ready quarterback in this draft.

The main thing Matt needs to work on is his accuracy. He’s an athletic performer but he often misses his receivers in stride. Corral has an opportunity to be the face of a franchise so we’ll see if he can live up to his hype. I’d call him Diet Josh Allen as a comparison.

Kenny Pickett, University of Pittsburgh

Pickett was a stud the past three years but really showed his progression this past year. He went from having 13 touchdowns in a year to having 42, and his accuracy and pocket presence have improved dramatically.

Pickett is elusive on the feet and can run to make a play, but is not the most elusive player on the field. However, you may remember Pickett’s fake slide against Wake Forest which shows his ingenuity and creativity on the field.

I personally believe that Pickett will be a mid level NFL quarterback and I’m not sure if he has the ability to lead a team to a Super Bowl. That being said he is certainly one of the more consistent and skilled quarterbacks in this class and is certainly top tier.

Mid Tier

Desmond Ridder, University of Cincinnati

Ridder not only has power but he’s consistent. In four years of college football he threw over 2,000 yards every year and only threw more than 8 interceptions once. He completed 65% of his passes last season and led the Bearcats to an undefeated season before running into Alabama in the College Football Playoff.

Ridder has the ability to escape if need be but he’s not an NFL rush threat. In my eyes. He certainly has the ability to run if need be but I don’t see teams using him as an option guy.

I’d compare him to a taller Dak Prescott.

Sam Howell, University of North Carolina

Howell at only 21 years of age has started 37 games at North Carolina. Experience is something important when looking at a quarterback, but so is consistency. That’s why so many people or hot on Howell, who threw for 3,000 yards and less than 10 touchdowns in every season of his college career.

Howell is definitely a skilled quarterback with solid pocket presence and a decent arm. He’s not a huge runner, but when he does run he’s not afraid to put his head down and take some contact. This isn’t something NFL scouts usually like, but it does show the heart and passion he has for the game.

I see Howell going somewhere in the mid second round or late first possibly. I see Howell as a young version of Big Ben Roethlisberger, but one that can run a lot better.

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