College Football playoff format

College football teams work extremely hard with passion all in the hopes of winning a national championship for their University. A problem that I have with the layout of the CFB playoff is that only four teams are allowed to participate in it.

The CFB selection committee ultimately decides which four teams are chosen to play which means that a team can get completely snubbed from making it. With there only being allowed four teams to play in the playoff many great and talented teams miss out on an opportunity to win a national championship.

Getting snubbed

One of the biggest CFB playoff snubs of all time was in the 2014-2015 season when TCU ended the season with a record 11-1. TCU did not end up getting rewarded with the 4th seed despite TCU having one of the best offenses in all of college football.
That season TCU scored over 40 points in nine different games. Many fans believe that TCU was cheated out of getting an opportunity to compete for a championship.

The University of Central Florida will always be the team that made me believe the CFB playoff needed changing. In the 2017-2018 season the Golden Knights went undefeated with a 12-0 record. Even without losing a game they were still not elected to be in the playoffs.

It truly has to be defeated as a team and a fanbase to win every single game possible and still not get a chance to raise that trophy. An undefeated team deserves that opportunity and with an expanded playoff they would be able to.

History repeats itself

Year after year after year we see the same football powerhouses playing for the national title. It is unfair that organizations like Alabama and Georgia can play in the playoff season after season because they can recruit better since they are always playing for the championship. Alabama has managed to make the playoffs seven different times since 2014.

Fans are getting bored of seeing the same teams face off against each other. Expanding the playoff to 8 or 16 gives the fans something to be excited about. After all, a team’s season can be completely ruined if they lose a single game.

Attempt to be similar to March Madness

March Madness is honestly one of the most if not the most loved playoffs in all of the sports. The reason for this is because every team that gets selected for the tournament has a legit shot at a national championship.

If you compare the CFB playoff and March Madness, one playoff only has four teams competing in it while the other has sixty-four. In March Madness it is rare for a team to be able to repeat as champions, there is always a different winner every year.

If the CFB playoff changed to sixteen teams, not only would the leagues’ revenue increase, but so will the number of fans. With sixteen teams this gives a few underdog teams a legit shot to upset one of the top teams. This creates an intense and exciting atmosphere for all the fanbases at different universities.