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The Road to the National Championship

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The Georgia Bulldogs have the best chance of winning the National Championship this year. Read this article to find out why I believe the Bulldogs will win in back-to-back years.

The Georgia Bulldogs are coming off a big National Championship win last year against Alabama. They have not disappointed this year going undefeated in the 13 games they have played this season. They look to keep the perfect season going while they play Ohio State on December 31st. Stetson Bennett has something to prove after losing the Heisman recently.

Some may say that he should have been a favorite. Bennett has proven so many people wrong in his college career and will try and keep that going into the playoffs. Helping Bennett be able to keep the ball on the offensive side would be Jalen Carter on the defensive side absolutely breaking apart other offenses this year. Carter is looking to be one of the best non-quarterbacks coming into the 2023 NFL draft.

Was Bennett Heisman worthy?

It is hard to say with there being four of the top quarterbacks up for the Heisman, which had three of the quarterbacks in the college football playoffs. Bennett was up against Williams who did take the Heisman this year.

Bennett has had a Heisman year in my eyes with so many memorable plays and leading his team to an undefeated season. With over 3,000 passing yards and 20 touchdowns, with only six interceptions, Bennett has run through every team on their way to their second National Championship.

The Bulldogs only close game was against Missouri which gave them a run for their money with the Bulldogs only winning by four. With Bennett heading into the Ohio State game, he has a little more to prove before his college career ends, and I believe he will do just that against the Buckeyes.

Bulldogs to the National Championship

Everyone is wondering who will be going to the National Championship this year. Here are my takes on why the Bulldogs will come together and beat the Buckeyes. Then on why the TCU vs. Michigan will be a toss-up game. The Bulldogs have so much talent on each side of the ball, and if they get up by two scores in the first quarter or half, the Buckeyes seem to collapse on themselves.

While the Buckeyes played the Wolverines, they tried throwing themselves out of that tough situation which did not work for them. I believe if Bennett gets the Bulldogs up by two scores quick, then they will be able to coast to a win into a chance to win the National Championship.

However, TCU is playing with house money, and Duggen also has something to prove after losing the Heisman. Georgia vs. TCU would be a great National Championship game with Duggen’s playing with nothing to lose, and the Bulldogs winning by a few touchdowns leading to their second National Championship in two years. Bennett will prove everyone wrong these next few weeks, and it will be fun to watch.

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