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The Storm is Intensifying: The Hiring of Mario Cristobal

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Since the hiring of Mario Cristobal on December 6, 2021, Miami Hurricanes Football has seen a dramatic makeover.

Since the hiring of Mario Cristobal on December 6, 2021, Miami Hurricanes Football has seen a dramatic makeover. From new coaches to transfers the entirety of Canes football has rapidly changed before our eyes.

In the last decade, Hurricanes’ football record has been: 55-66. Players are now picking Canes over schools like Clemson and Alabama… Welcome to the next era of Miami Hurricanes Football. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a wild one.

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Mario Cristobal Calls for Recruits

One thing Mario Cristobal has strived to do during his tenure as HC is recruiting. Miami has been hot on the recruiting trail, and everyone including Clemson has been watching. Heads started to turn when Miami landed possibly one of the nation’s top linebacker Francis Mauigoa, or 4 QB Jaden Rashad, or 5 star Edge Jayden Wayne who chose ‘The U’ over Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Oregon.

With the signing of Jayden Wayne, Miami now has a Top 10 recruiting class for 2023.

While Cristobal has been making a name on the recruit trail he has also made a name in the transfer portal. With the addition of pass rusher Mitchell Agude and linebacker Caleb Johnson, transfers from UCLA, as well as Oregon O-Lineman Logan Sagapolu, Miami is shaping to look like a hard to beat.

To not have stepped foot on the football field as HC, Mario Cristobal is doing what some may have wished the passed coaches should have done. Cristobal has previously stated in press conferences that one thing that Miami needs to take control of is the talent that is readily available in South Florida.

SEC schools are fueled by Florida talent, in which recruiting in Miami should be just as important as recruiting nation wide. At the moment, Miami has five local prospect currently committed. Cristobal has been making a name for himself recruiting heavily out on the West, now if more local talents started to commit to UM, they really will be a force to be reckoned with

“Lower your standards and you’ll lose your winners. Raise your standards and you’ll lose your losers,” stated by yours truly Mario Cristobal.

Cristobal has shown the world in a matter of 8 months that he will fight to produce greatest. He is bringing a whole “New Miami” and feel to the program. Potentially restoring the program to its glory days. Establishing ties and connections throughout South Florida whilst being able to establish ties across the country is showing that Mario Cristobal means business.

When your program is beating powers schools like Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson in recruiting, thats when you know that your program is doing a complete 180.

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