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The Top CFB Teams This Upcoming Season

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With the college football season coming up soon the predicted power rankings have been made. Read this article to learn more about the predicted top CFB teams.

Last year’s national championship

It was no surprise that Alabama and Georgia’s CFB teams ended up playing in the National Championship last year. The University of Georgia was the one seed while the University of Alabama was the two seed.

Despite Alabama having Heisman quarterback Bryce Young, Stetson Bennet, and Georgie was able to overcome the Alabama dynasty. After a very slow offensive start to the game, Georgia was able to score the last three touchdowns to defeat the tide, 33-18.

Let’s take a look at who is predicted to win the National Championship this upcoming season.

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Alabama Crimson Tide Comes in at Number 1

There should be no denying that everyone knew who would be predicted the number one rank before the season started. Although Alabama did lose in the championship game, they still have their talented quarterback Bryce Young returning to play.

Alabama loses key players every year to the NFL draft, however, because they always have one of the top recruiting classes and a head coach in Nick Saban, they continue to run the dynasty of college football. Look for outside linebacker, Will Anderson, to have a tremendous season and lead the Alabama defense.

Coming in at Number 2 is Ohio State

The 2021 season was a season the fans want to quickly forget as in the previous three seasons Ohio State had made the CFB playoff. The Buckeyes missed the playoffs due to their two losses to Oregon and Michigan.

Despite winning the Rose Bowl game over Utah, do not think the young team was satisfied. The Buckeyes are looking for revenge this season and want to get back into the CFB playoff.

CJ Stroud will be a Heisman candidate for the next season, look for his success to lead them back into the playoffs.

Coming in at Number 3 is Georgia

Georgia deserves to be predicted top three after an outstanding season and bringing home the National Championship for the first time since 1980. The only reason that Georgia is not predicted as number 1 is because of the number of players they lost this year due to the NFL draft.

Stenson Bennet has decided to come back for another season and will provide a much-needed veteran presence.

Coming in at Number 4 is Texas A&M

Look for Texas A&M to make a huge jump this season and potentially earn themselves a spot in the CFB playoff. Despite having a record of 8-4 last year and having many team injuries. They were still able to tank down Alabama who was the one seed at the time.

Next season the Aggies will have quarterback transfer, Max Johnson, from LSU. Expect Johnson to strive under head coach Jimbo Fisher.

Coming in at 5 is Notre Dame

Marcus Freeman will have a shot at the playoffs in his first year as the fighting Irish head coach. Notre Dame finished with an 11-2 record and lost head coach Brian Kelley to LSU last season.

Marcus Freeman brings the energy and Notre Dame knows what they are capable of next season although their schedule is one of the hardest with USC, Ohio State, and Clemson all on it.

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