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Place Bets On Your Favorite TV Shows for the 2022 Emmy Awards

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Are you a TV enthusiast? If so, check out the possible nominations and odds for the 2022 Emmy Awards.

The Emmy Awards isn’t for another three months, but entertainment bettors should start researching and placing their bets soon. There are some great shows nominated for Emmy awards, and each category is pretty competitive. The past year was great for TV, so it may be hard to pick any one show to put your money on.

The award show will take place on September 12, 2022, and it will be broadcasted live on NBC from Los Angeles. The nominations won’t be announced until July 12, but most have a good idea of what shows will be nominated, and some shows are already being predicted to win.

Categories For Betting

Many sportsbooks offer entertainment betting on the Emmys, and a few categories are already ready for betting.

The categories of “Outstanding Comedy Series”, “Outstanding Drama Series”, and “Outstanding Limited Series” are open for wagers, so hurry online and place yours soon.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Many great comedy shows came out over the past year. Some top picks include Barry, Ted Lasso, Abbot Elementary, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Only Murders in the Building.

Ted Lasso currently sits as the top pick for “Outstanding Comedy Series” with odds 11-16. It’s a great show, with very lighthearted comedy that sometimes tackles some deep issues. It’s a great show for families to watch together or to binge-watch on your own.

Barry is right behind Ted Lasso with odds 5-4. This show is a bit darker but equally as hilarious. The show stars Bill Hader as a hitman turned actor, making for some very comedic situations.

Outstanding Drama Series

Drama series were all the rage this past year, and there are some great possible nominees for this category. Currently, Succession, Better Call Saul, Squid Game, Euphoria, and Ozark are listed pretty high up in the sportsbooks.

Anyone who has seen Succession knows that there’s not too much competition for the show in this category. Sure, the other shows listed are pretty great, but nothing stands close to the following that Succession has gained since it was released in 2018. It’s currently favored with odds 4-7.

Squid Game is next on the list with odds 3-2. This show was a hit throughout the pandemic, with people of all ages enjoying it. Many people even used the characters as Halloween costume inspiration.

Outstanding Limited Series

“Outstanding Limited Series” is the final category that’s available for online betting as of right now. Many notable series are listed under this category, such as The White Lotus, Dopesick, The Staircase, MAID, and Under the Banner of Heaven.

Dopesick sits at the top of the list right now with odds 1-2. This series is a Hulu Original, and explores opioid addiction throughout America, from the streets to boardrooms. The 8 episode show has a pretty good following and is definitely deserving of the award.

The White Lotus is right behind Dopesick with odds 3-2. This HBO limited series shows viewers interesting pieces of human nature, all taking place within a Hawaiin resort. It features a star-studded cast, with names such as Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Lacy, and Connie Britton.

Writer’s Pick

This writer sides with Succession through and through. It’s an amazing show and somehow finds a way to captivate its audience through the complexities of corporate and family drama.


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